Georgia Republicans Move to Ban All Vaccine Requirements

Update: After being called dumbasses for over a week, Georgia Republicans say they’re going to alter the legislation to be COVID-19 specific. Which is still horrible.

Not just for COVID-19. For anyone who has had the misery of following the anti-vaccination movement for the last couple of decades, this was the endpoint they’ve always wanted. Georgia Republicans have proposed a bill–in Georgia no less, where the CDC is headquartered–which would ban all vaccine mandates. There’s no wiggle room either, since the bill is utterly comprehensive in both the state agencies it would cover and in the scope of services that can’t be affected by vaccine mandates.

Georgia Republicans want to bring back measles, which kills one to two people per thousand, and hospitalizes about one quarter of patients. Not hundred thousand, but thousand (eagerly waiting for their slogan of “Polio, it’s just a stomach bug.”). Unlike what some dumbasses claim regarding COVID-19 vaccination, measles can weaken the immune system too.

Without mandates, a virus like measles is so transmissible, partial vaccination won’t even put a dent in spread (sound familiar?).

I’ve said for years, if you want to know who Republicans really are and what they want, look at the local and state levels. Apparently, quite a few want to murder children. Of course, it would be uncivil to be so blunt.

(And if national Democrats had any brains, they would be introducing censure motions over this, and beating the crap out of Republicans over this. Performative politics matters).

Ideologically, this is a level of political radicalism in the service of ultralibertarianism that is not remotely the equivalent of a $15/hour minimum wage or Medicare for All. And yes, #NotAllRepublicans, not even all Georgia Republicans, but, for all their faults, we’re not seeing, in the year 2022 of Our Gritty, any Democrats proposing something this catastrophic.

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  1. greg lanman says:

    Having living in Georgia since 1991, I am not surprised, given the fast track to a 3rd world shit hole Georgia’s Republicans have taken in the last 10 years. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Governor Kemp’s COVID 19 strategy of livelihood vs lives, over 32,000 Georgians have died from a viral infection that is largely controllable and preventable by the employment of community mitigation measures like masks and vaccines. Since Georgia has failed to embrace ACA, Georgia has seen 36 hospitals close their doors; over 30% of the population is without healthcare insurance and another 20% are under-insured. Georgia has a infant/maternal mortality rate that rivals 3rd world countries. Over 1M Georgians live in medical deserts, known as Kemp Kountry. These deserts have no hospitals or medical clinics; they are devoid of doctors, nurses, PAs, and APN/NPs. Their healthcare providers consist largely of school nurses and county paramedics and EMTs. For many, it is over 300 miles to the nearest Emergency Room. Governor Kemp achieved all of this by doing absolutely nothing. His indifference, has killed thousands.

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