Links 1/25/22

Links for you. Science:

What we currently know about BA.2.
He spends his days counting monarch butterflies in L.A. He could use your help
The pandemic’s true death toll: millions more than official counts
Halting antibiotic resistance is a little less futile
New data show those who recovered from Covid-19 were less likely than vaccinated to get infected during Delta wave
Million-Year-Old DNA Yields Mammoth Surprises


DC Is One of the Easiest Places in the US to Get a Covid Test. Why? (“…what’s distinguished the city’s work is that it did not leave the public health response up to the private sector to figure out. While private sector partners like Labcorp and Microsoft have been critical, he said, it has been the city government that made it all come together.” Would add that an urban geography–short distances–can help a lot)
Youngkin’s first act as Virginia governor — while quoting the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — is ominous
“Why is it even like this?”
Boiling Their Brains In Bill O’Reilly’s Piss
Members of Congress Shouldn’t Be Getting Rich From Trading Stocks
The Selfishness of Novak Djokovic
Northern Virginia Schools Immediately Vow To Defy Youngkin’s Order Ending Mask Mandates
An Oral History Of The Insurance Company Covid Test Reimbursement Program Plan
H Street’s the Big Board Is the First DC Restaurant to Receive a Warning for Violating the Vaccine Mandate. The bar and burger joint hinted on Twitter it would defy the rules.
The Forgotten Reproductive Justice Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King (not to me!)
Congress Can Trade Stocks or Keep the Public Trust. Not Both.
Steve Wozniak. Apple I. 1976.
I’m troubled by the argument I’ve seen to often recently from DC pundit-types, most well-meaning, that the Dems and Biden have made a mistake by embracing a left or progressive agenda and that they should shift to the center, their “true” base. This is based on a fallacy.
Why Did Democratic AG Kill Flint Water RICO Case?
Eric Adams, the Mayor of Big Real Estate
The Republican Parallel Universes Strategy (not sure how this is new)
It’s Been a Home for Decades, but Legal Only a Few Months
What Is Trumpism?
Trump’s Arizona project shows the dire threat to American democracy
Senate President Stuart Adams tested positive for COVID twice Tuesday before publicly announcing he was negative (actively malevolent)
Glenn Youngkin’s awful first moves are already sparking a rebellion
How Trump supporter Ray Epps became entangled in a Trump-touted conspiracy theory (rooting for injuries)
Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld Will Retire After Six Years Leading WMATA

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