Links 1/22/22

Links for you. Science:

We don’t know why, but being in space causes us to destroy our blood
Spoiling the Last Frontier
How the Tonga volcano generated a shock wave around the world
Is Omicron Reinfection Possible? Here’s What Experts Want You to Know
Why cat-like creatures vanished from North America for 6 million years
‘Major Discovery’ Beneath Antarctic Seas: A Giant Icefish Breeding Colony


Back To Normal Isn’t Enough (excellent)
Online Christian Martyrs
How the states have become “Laboratories of Autocracy” — and why it’s worse than you think
Child tax credit checks didn’t just pay for food. They brought millions of families peace of mind
The Dunderhead from Indiana
Trump’s top Texas backer joined ‘Stop the Steal.’ It’s ending badly for him.
While FBI offers up flimsy reasons for being unprepared on Jan. 6, its record tells the real story
Takeaways from the landmark sedition indictment against the Oath Keepers and why DOJ acted now
Why didn’t the FBI see the Capitol siege coming?
Eisen, Snow on Sumida River, early 1830s
Some Brief Thoughts on Gorsuch’s Opinion in NFIB v. OSHA
Census Memo Cites ‘Unprecedented’ Meddling by Trump Administration
Why Journalism Isn’t Conveying the Threat to Democracy. It’s not just both-sidesism. It’s also how journalists’ jobs have been compelled to dumb down.
Himeji Castle, Japan
NFT art sales are booming. Just without some artists’ permission.
After the Beanie Baby bubble burst
Inside a pioneering U.S. site authorized to monitor people using drugs
When it comes to subpoenas, Congress must use its power or lose it
The Latinx Community and COVID-Disinformation Campaigns
The Supreme Court can’t get its story straight on vaccines. The Court is barely even pretending to be engaged in legal reasoning.
The rare sedition charge filed against Oath Keepers was used before — against Puerto Rican nationalists
Ivy League Cartel Sued for Price-Fixing
We’re training our own insurrectionists

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