Links 1/15/22

Links for you. Science:

Effective Health Risk Communication About Pandemic Influenza for Vulnerable Populations (from 2009; sadly ignored)
Chasing the ‘Ghost Bird’ of Australia’s Outback
The Data Are Pointing to One Major Driver of America’s Murder Spike: A massive increase in gun sales in early 2020 seems to have contributed to the recent rise in homicides. (the Tiahart amendment is pernicious)
SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response to 2 or 3 Doses of the BNT162b2 Vaccine in Patients Treated With Anticancer Agents
We’re very lucky: It could be far, far worse
COVID-19 self-isolation changes: scientific summary


The Great Surrender: How We Gave Up And Let COVID Win (excellent)
I’ve Never Felt More Like a Failure as a Parent. My kids are back in school, despite surging Covid cases. We have no other choice (also excellent)
Hospitals are doing their part on COVID-19; we ask the public to do theirs
A rural Washington school board race shows how far-right extremists are shifting to local power
Against work
Man who dumped 90,000 pennies was retaliating against ex-worker, Labor Department says
Some D.C. Trader Joe’s Workers Call The Company’s COVID Practices Into Question
Pelosi opens door to virus aid in spending plan as Omicron surge continues
Massachusetts Mask Debacle: State Fails its Elementary and Secondary School Teachers
Death rates up 40%, setting new 200-year high, life insurance company CEO says
At Mass. and Cass, word is spreading: The tents are coming down and housing is available
Free Tests
When will the Washington Football Team be held accountable?
Walmart, Kroger raise at-home Covid test prices after White House agreement expires. The companies agreed in September to sell the test kits “at cost” for three months. (fire Zients, fire him now)
Facebook may face consequences for providing violent ‘Boogalo’ movement with online platform
Solving the operator ‘shortage’ by not running transit like a business
Beijing and Moscow are losing the vaccine diplomacy battle
Demand for first dose jumps after Quebec requires vaccine passport for SAQ, SQDC: Appointment bookings, which averaged 1,500 a day, ballooned to 6,000 on Thursday following the health minister’s announcement.
Is the US really heading for a second civil war? (21st century Jim Crow is what is likely)
Yale Law professor asserts that the Constitution enacted Dr. Joe Rogan’s most recent opening monologue
The Biden administration is wrong. N95 masks are comfortable — and they work.

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