Links 1/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Direct Comparison of SARS Co-V-2 Nasal RT- PCR and Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOWTM) at a Community Testing Site During an Omicron Surge
Long COVID could become Finland’s largest chronic disease, warns minister
Italy Covid: Bullet forces immunologist to get protection
The oldest aquarium fish in the world lives in San Francisco. She likes belly rubs
Systematic whole-genome sequencing reveals an unexpected diversity among actinomycetoma pathogens and provides insights into their antibacterial susceptibilities
Dolphins Have a Fully Functional Clitoris, Study Finds


IT’S JUST SCIENCE (“…the public health agency shouldn’t be tasked with making tradeoffs. That’s the job of policy makers.”)
West Virginia’s coal miners just made Joe Manchin’s life a lot harder
ANYONE WHO THINKS THE PANDEMIC POLITICALLY HELPS LIBERALS IS AN IDIOT (“The pandemic is not in any way politically advantageous for those who take it seriously. It is advantageous for those who don’t.”)
Let Her Rip
Chief Justice Roberts’s jarring vaccine jurisprudence
More than 1,700 congressmen once enslaved Black people. This is who they were, and how they shaped the nation.
Where Actual Ageism Exists in Society
Atrocious but efficient: How ranchers used barbed wire to make phone calls
What We Still Refuse to Accept About the Insurrectionists
Age and public office
In a liberal Maryland suburb, social justice reshapes the political debate over housing
Why Republicans Keep Falling for Trump’s Lies
Judges have declined U.S.-proposed sentences in two-thirds of Jan. 6 cases so far
White House, USPS finalizing plans to begin shipping coronavirus test kits to U.S. households
The Time Is Now for Democrats To Save Democracy
Republicans Are Moving Rapidly to Cement Minority Rule. Blame the Constitution.
The metaverse has a groping problem already
As Beijing Takes Control, Chinese Tech Companies Lose Jobs and Hope
Sean Hannity’s bottomless corruption
After D.C. botches snow and leaf removal, Bowser withdraws nomination for Department of Public Works director
Bakery-fresh CDOT study reaffirms speed cameras are saving lives
COVID Is an Emergency. To SCOTUS’s Conservatives, It’s Also an Opportunity.

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