Links 1/8/22

Links for you. Science:

Hedgehogs to Blame for a MRSA Superbug, Not Modern Antibiotics, Study Suggests
Omicron’s feeble attack on the lungs could make it less dangerous
Long Covid: why do some people have symptoms months after infection?
Will ‘Forever Boosting’ Beat the Coronavirus?
Discovering Dr. Wu
Covid Will Become Endemic. The World Must Decide What That Means


Spread the stop. (excellent)
Jan. 6 shows impunity is the rule for American elites. Why we can’t seem to punish Trump for the Capitol riot
How the both-sides media would cover a successful Trump coup
How 2021 became a lost year for American democracy
The Biden Consultants Working To Sink His Agenda
It could have been so much worse: America got lucky on Jan 6
The NFT craze has stopped being funny. These hideous cartoon apes will not be worth half a million dollars for long
Why Education Is About To Reach A Crisis Of Epic Proportions
Still a Jan. 6 mystery: Who placed the pipe bombs the night before the Capitol attack?
Tell the Jan. 6 Story to Boost Democracy, Not Democrats
Let’s Compare What Lindsey Graham Said on January 6 to What He Said One Year Later
Tactical extremism brought America Reagan, Gingrich, Trump—and a looming threat to democracy
Elevated Stupidity Is Running Amok on January 6
A nurse explains the trauma of caring for a COVID patient, and it’s gutting
Of Course Joe Biden’s Speech Was Political. January 6 Saw Political Violence With a Political Goal.
A second civil war: One year after Trump’s violent insurrection, how worried should we be?
‘I don’t feel safe’: A year after January 6, women in Congress still fear for their security
Trump’s coup failed — but January 6 was a success: The Capitol riot may have failed, but Trump finished his fascist takeover of the GOP
Anti-Vax Podcaster Who Got COVID at a Conspiracy Conference Has Died (FAFO)
Walmart cuts paid Covid leave in half, as CDC isolation guidance changes

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