Links 1/6/22

Links for you. Science:

COVID-19 isn’t “just a cold,” isn’t “a respiratory virus,” and “mild” doesn’t mean what you think it does. (long COVID)
‘It is embarrassing’: CDC struggles to track Covid cases as Omicron looms
Humans 2, Omicron 1
We’re preparing for apocalypse wrong — and that could make things even worse. Civilizations fall apart slowly. Understanding that could save us from real doom.
Discordant SARS-CoV-2 PCR and Rapid Antigen Test Results When Infectious: A December 2021 Occupational Case Series
Understanding the Effects of the Pandemic on Infant Development—The Preterm Problem


One Year After 1/6, Media Still Refuse to Recognize Authoritarian Christianity
Maybe Fire Some People (yes)
Emily Oster is making strong claims about Omicron and schools based on weak data
Bob Wachter breaks down the CDC’s updated isolation guidance
A WHO official weighs in on Covid, vaccines, and mistakes that were made
Covid Crisis Hits New York City Schools
WH on Omicron: Keep Calm and Carry On
Buildings Don’t Have To Be Bird-Killers
As someone who worked at Fox News I can tell you even they don’t believe half of what they peddle
How Biden could have prepped for Omicron
The GOP’s masculinity panic. David French on the cult of toughness on the Trumpist right.
When Three Shots Are Not Enough
From the Capitol to the city council: How extremism in the U.S. shifted after Jan. 6
What Is Supposed To Happen
A Bunch of DC-Area Restaurants Are Taking a Winter Break (de facto shutdowns…)
Peter Navarro: Trump Distributed Bogus Election Fraud Research to ‘Every’ Congressional Republican
Why Not Just Nationalize Tyson Foods?
Calling Trump ‘Just a Warm-Up Act,’ Professor Warns of Democratic Collapse in US
So, “Conservative Views” Means, Like, Lower Taxes, Right?
Sean Hannity Is Not a Journalist
Ah, Well, Nevertheless

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