Links 1/2/22

Links for you. Science:

The hyper-transmissible SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant exhibits significant antigenic change, vaccineescape and a switch in cell entry mechanism (exceptionally thorough; must-read, but very technical)
3,600-year-old tsunami ‘time capsule’ sheds light on one of humanity’s greatest disasters
Omicron might be milder because it has a less effective way of attacking lung cells, studies say
Flu is making a comeback in US after an unusual year off
Pandemic poses short- and long-term risks to babies, especially boys
This stunning box jelly was spotted around Papua New Guinea, and is possibly a rare Chirodectes


The 2000 U.S. presidential election was a harbinger of things to come. (absolute must-read, especially for the young’uns and the n00bs)
Shaken by the Jan. 6 attack, Capitol workers quit jobs that once made them proud
You Shouldn’t Have to Pay $24 for a 2-Pack of At-Home Covid Tests
How a garden once lost to history is being brought back into bloom
CDC changes to quarantine, isolation advice took local health officials by surprise
Flying blind is no way to survive the pandemic. We need a powerful virus radar. (and an antibiotic resistance radar, and a…)
Burnout dominated 2021. Here’s the history of our burnout problem.
Some Of The Biggest Lies Being Spread About The Jan. 6 Insurrection
Secession might seem like the lesser of two evils. It’s also the less likely.
Hey It’s An Election Year
D.C. can’t fix distracted driving. It can fix street design.
The Disease, Not The Measures
China harvests masses of data on Western targets, documents show
Remembering Harry Reid, 1939–2021. The Nevada senator was a brilliant strategist, but his real secret was his ability to take your biggest vulnerability and make it your strength.
Trump appointee resigns as FDIC chairman following clash with Democratic colleagues (De-Trumpification)
Much has changed since the start of the pandemic. But the nation’s public health system remains fractured. (until public health is integrated into healthcare, nothing changes)
‘A monumental task’: Schools grapple with how to stay open amid omicron surge
Harry Reid Understood Power. The late senator from Nevada, who led the Democrats in the Senate from 2005 to 2017, wasn’t afraid of political conflict.
For Berlin Zoo animals, the tastiest Christmas leftovers are the trees
Retired general warns the U.S. military could lead a coup after the 2024 election
Development and conservation clash at Komodo National Park

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