Links 1/1/22

Links for you. Science:

You Don’t Need a Spaceship to Grow ‘Weird Little’ Martian Radishes
Technical briefing: Update on hospitalisation and vaccine effectiveness for Omicron VOC-21NOV-01 (B.1.1.529)
A third of Ohio deer test positive for COVID-19 virus
Bird flu outbreak in Israel kills more than 5,200 cranes, with mass culling of poultry underway
Our Relationship With COVID Vaccines Is Just Getting Started. We probably will need additional shots. But just how many depends on our immune systems, the virus, and how often they collide.
Should Pluto be a planet again? The debate rages on


Vaccinated Isn’t Enough: Omicron Carries the Risk of Long Covid. President Biden told the U.S. that if you’re triple vaxxed, you’re safe for the holidays. That’s not only not true, it’s dismissing almost 10 million Americans affected by a chronic disease (yep)
Good Boys and Good Girls
AOC: Republicans Are ‘Projecting Their Sexual Frustrations Onto My Boyfriend’s Feet’
He died after waiting 15 days for a hospital bed. His family blames unvaccinated covid-19 patients.
A new coronavirus vaccine heading to India was developed by a small team in Texas. It expects nothing in return.
Holiday Football Tradition Brings Black Community Back To Arlington Neighborhood
Texas Scientists Are Sharing the Design for Their New, Cheap Covid-19 Vaccine
Amazon’s Alexa tells 10-year-old child to touch penny to exposed plug socket
Corporate Profits Drive 60% of Inflation Increases
The Straights Are Not Ok. Dispatches from the confines of heterosexual marriage
Pentagon goes on offense vs GOP on vaccine mandates (the GOP are COVID-supporting surrender monkeys)
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: A righteous rant from a friend of a COVID-orphaned kid
Washington Post punches some hippies, and President Biden, on Joe Manchin’s behalf
Covid and the inevitability of institutional distrust
The Side of Harry Reid That Most People Never Saw
The CDC’s Defense of Its New COVID Guidelines Is Complete Nonsense
New laws in Washington region will bring plastic bag tax, leaf blower ban and ‘Emancipation Highway’
A local newspaper focused on the Black community is defying the odds. It’s growing.
A Digital Manhunt: How Chinese Police Track Critics on Twitter and Facebook
The Black vanguard in white utopias: Country music speaks to white sentimentality, but Black women pioneer ‘and continue to pioneer’
Is That a Burning Bush? Is This Mt. Sinai? Solstice Bolsters a Claim
The Cruel Failure of Welfare Reform in the Southwest

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