Links 12/25/21

Gut Yontif! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

The majority of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in COVID-19 patients with obesity are autoimmune and not neutralizing
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Mistletoe
Booster of mRNA-1273 Strengthens SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Neutralization
Omicron Brings New Risks to Unvaccinated Pregnant Women
Initial Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in Exhaled Breath Aerosol (“We did not see evidence of greater rates of aerosol shedding suggesting that a convergence of immune evasion with relaxed non-pharmaceutical interventions (e.g., increased unmasked social gatherings) rather than high intensity shedding may be responsible for Omicron’s high transmission rates.”)
The characteristic response of domestic cats to plant iridoids allows them to gain chemical defense against mosquitoes


Mark Zuckerberg Is TNR’s 2021 Scoundrel of the Year. The nitwit founder of Facebook has created the worst, most damaging website in the world. And we’re just supposed to accept it.
This Is So Fucking Embarrassing. Why are actual adult humans, some of them elected officials, lionizing Kyle Rittenhouse?
No, Large-Scale Societies Don’t Need Massive Inequalities
How Michelle Wu plans to transform the arts in Boston. The new mayor, a classically trained musician, just installed a piano in her office so that she can play, as she always has. And she brings some new ideas about the arts.
Minimum wage is about to rise in 21 states, 35 localities as more embrace $15 an hour
Denmark sees initial signs that dire omicron surge can be avoided
D.C. Police Closely Watched Anti-Racist Groups for Years
Anger over masks mandates, other covid rules, spurs states to curb power of public health officials
New York eases quarantine rules for essential workers as omicron hits key industries (this seems too lax; would like at least rapid antigen testing before returning to work)
Joan Didion Chronicled American Disorder With Her Own Unmistakable Style
As Omicron Spreads and Cases Soar, the Unvaccinated Remain Defiant. To some who are steadfastly opposed to the shot, the evasiveness of the coronavirus has only reaffirmed their stance. (Trump and Fox News poisoned the well, and there’s no coming back from that)
Omicron Will Overwhelm America’s Emergency Rooms. Hospitals are already strained, and many health-care workers have little left to give.
Lab Leak “Theory”

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