Links 12/12/21

Links for you. Science:

Genomic Epidemiology of MRSA During Incarceration at a Large Inner-City Jail
Reinfection With SARS-CoV-2: Implications for Vaccines
In Minneapolis, home to George Floyd, heavy policing is tied to higher rates of preterm births
Antimicrobial Resistance Trends in Urine Escherichia coli Isolates From Adult and Adolescent Females in the United States From 2011 to 2019: Rising ESBL Strains and Impact on Patient Management
Long COVID in the Faroe Islands: A Longitudinal Study Among Nonhospitalized Patients
Persistence of Racial Inequities in Receipt of Influenza Vaccination Among Nursing Home Residents in the United States


Let’s get real: the American Rescue Plan was the best economic policy in forty years
If John Roberts Really Wants to Save the Court, He Should Retire
This Terrible Book Shows Why the Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Won’t Die
The Dark Side Of Meritocracy
When You’re a Billionaire, Your Hobbies Can Slash Your Tax Bill
In Texas, a Battle Over What Can Be Taught, and What Books Can Be Read
A Genocide Denier Threatens to Unravel 25 Years of Peace in the Balkans
Republicans blame Biden for inflation. So what’s their plan?
The role of violent threats in Trump’s GOP reign, according to Republicans
What does the Republican Party stand for besides ‘let’s go Brandon’?
The Dark Side of 15-Minute Grocery Delivery: Mini-warehouses dubbed “dark stores” are quietly taking over urban retail space. Left unregulated, the insatiable demand for faster delivery will only hasten the erosion of community life.
Andy Ngô Sued for Allegedly Snatching Reporters’ Videos
No one in their right mind would design a government that works like ours
Omicron in Oakland: How a Wisconsin wedding with ‘super responsible’ vaccinated people led to outbreak (also, “was told most of the wedding attendees were vaccinated” isn’t the same as knowing they are, or having day-of testing)
West Virginia Sen. Manchin Takes the Teeth Out of Democrats’ Plan for Seniors’ Dental Care (any politician who won’t argue in favor of preventing old people’s teeth from falling out of their heads is bad)
‘We’re losing IQ points’: the lead poisoning crisis unfolding among US children
Leaked SoCal hospital records reveal huge, automated markups for healthcare
To Reduce Inequality in Our Education System, Reduce Class Sizes
More colleges rethink student loans as debate over debt cancellation rages on
Dear Mayor Wu, let’s stop burning Boston’s trash
The Facebook Post That Led to a Recall Election (but cancel culture something something)
When it comes to radicals, it takes one to know one. Senate Republicans tried to block Rachael Rollins from becoming US attorney in Massachusetts because they think she’s too radical. They should look in the mirror.
The worker revolt comes to a Dollar General in Connecticut: A call to a union triggers one of the most lopsided battles of the ongoing low-wage-worker revolt (much of the left needs to understand that too many workers have learned to love the lash)

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