Links 11/22/21

Links for you. Science:

New mineral davemaoite discovered inside a diamond from Earth’s mantle
‘COVID positive from Vegas.’ Phish concerts leave a long trail of infections, fans say
A Huge Flu Outbreak in Michigan May Be a Sign of Things to Come This Winter
REACT-1 round 15 final report: Increased breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections among adults who had received two doses of vaccine, but booster doses and first doses in children are providing important protection (getting even more optimistic about boosters)
Antibody protection after mild COVID-19 may not last; an estimated 100 mln people have had long COVID
The impact of COVID-19 critical illness on new disability, functional outcomes and return to work at 6 months: a prospective cohort study (former ICU patients)


Rural America’s False Sense of Security
Flu shots uptake is now partisan. It didn’t use to be
Inside Felicia Sonmez’s Lawsuit Against the Washington Post: Why was a reporter punished for speaking up about sexual assault?
In Charlottesville trial, jurors learn to decode the secret slang of white supremacists
Pressure grows on Gov. Jared Polis for a mask mandate to slow rising coronavirus cases
A Maryland lawmaker on how not owning a car has shaped her ideas about transportation policy
Rethinking the Supply Chains
Why prosecutors get away with misconduct
The Pandemic’s Next Turn Hinges on Three Unknowns
The vaccine tore her family apart. Could a death bring them back together?
Buggy software in off-brand smart home devices is a hacker’s playground
Sinema: We’re All Trying to Find the Guy Who Did This to Biden’s Agenda. Senator concerned about promises that can’t be delivered (because of her).
Man who raped four teenagers gets no jail time, judge says: ‘Incarceration isn’t appropriate’
Messaging Does Not Generate Attention, Action and Provocation Do
Meet The New Artist Taking Trumpworld By Storm
No bars, no chains, no locks: How Finland is reimagining incarceration
I’m Confused Why All These People Are Quitting Jobs That Pay No Money and Make Them Want to Die
Whistleblower featured in USA TODAY ‘Behind the Blue Wall’ series ousted from police union
Better late than never, but also better on time than late
Welcome to Checkpoint Charlie Sykes
Let’s Not Lose Sight of How F*cking Crazy Paul Gosar’s Views on Immigration Are
Andrew Sullivan and the Narrative of the “MSM Narrative”
We tried Tesla’s ‘full self-driving.’ Here’s what happened
John Kennedy Went Full Joe McCarthy
Personally, I’m Not Interested in Self-Driving Cars Having ‘the Biggest Impact’

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