Links 11/16/21

Links for you. Science:

Presumed Extinct Tentacled Butterfly Ray Is Found
St. Louis Zoo reports 8 big cats tested positive for COVID-19
Is Long COVID Even Real? (yes)
Air Pollution Disproportionately Affects DC’s Black Residents, Says NASA
CDC Hasn’t Updated COVID Vax Breakthrough Data
Sequencing whole genomes helps diagnose far more rare diseases, study shows


Thinking about Rittenhouse and Right Wing Murder Safaris
Election guru Rachel Bitecofer: Democrats face “10-alarm fire” after Virginia debacle
The D.C. jail is the city’s responsibility. You wouldn’t know it from the city’s response.
Fox News guest compares vaccine outreach programs to “a child predator” and “Hitler youth programs”
18-year-old arrested for Austin synagogue arson after weeks of antisemitic harassment in Texas
Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates — then scrambling to ‘undo’ their shots
A secret tape made after Columbine shows the NRA’s evolution on school shootings (everything the left said about the NRA turned out to be true)
The Main Driver of Inflation Is a Murderous Maniac in Riyadh
Madison Saw Something in the Constitution We Should Open Our Eyes To
Teen Nabbed After Driving His Own Car to Torch Texas Synagogue
How Buffalo News Helped Keep a Socialist out of City Hall
We’ve All Pretended About Taiwan for 72 Years. It May Not Work Any Longer.
Inflation Is Good for You
Why Would He
What happened to Eric Clapton?
Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Every so often, one of these comes along with extra punch
An ancient mistranslation is now helping to threaten abortion rights
Here’s Why All The Inflation Fearmongering Over The Reconciliation Bill Is Nonsense
‘Dark patterns’: Regulators eye tech tricks that hurt consumers
S.F. Supervisor Dean Preston invited YIMBYs to look at his housing record. They panned it.
Guys and guns: Why men are behind the vast majority of America’s gun violence
School Stumbles Upon Chalkboards From 1917 During Renovation, Perfectly Preserved Lessons Provide Rare Look Into Past.
Prepare for the Shock Troops: What happens when gun culture merges with a nationalist personality cult?
There Have to Be More Sides Than This: Balance doesn’t exist in a lopsided world
John Eastman And Colleagues Worked On 2020 Election Simulation That Is Drowning In Irony

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