Links 11/6/21

Links for you. Science:

America’s Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It’s Still Making People Sick. (also first known use of NCBI’s Pathogen Detection system by journalists; here’s the cluster they examined)
Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin
Is there really no correlation between vaccination rate and the spread of COVID?
Invincibility threatens vaccination intentions during a pandemic
Multiple spillovers and onward transmission of SARS-Cov-2 in free-living and captive White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) (extraordinary claims require some additional studies though)


Cancel culture: Why do people cancel news subscriptions? We asked, they answered.
Joe Manchin throws a verbal bomb at progressives and accidentally hits the centrists
Can aggressors be ‘victims’? Ideologues on the right think so. When anti-maskers wear yellow stars, the real victims of extremism are pushed out of the spotlight
Inside Russia’s ‘fourth wave’: Record deaths, deep frustration and plenty of blame
Stop Tearing Down Midcentury-Modern Houses!
New D.C. Council Bill Would Ramp Up Enforcement On Marijuana ‘Gifting’ Shops, Delivery Services
The ‘Sensible’ Climate Compromise Is Not Sensible. Relying on nuclear and carbon capture to decarbonize the economy is liberal climate denial.
Free Female Labor Is The Plan
The NFL is paying the price for underestimating its Daniel Snyder problem
Today’s Zito Safari
U.S. missionaries have long tried to convert the ‘unreached’ in the Amazon. Now Indigenous groups are fighting back.
Why the Conventional Wisdom on Rent Control Isn’t All That Wise (if we think of mortgages as a ‘housing-cost control’ mechanism, rent control doesn’t seem that bad)
America’s Supply Chain Collides With California’s Nimbyism (there also seems to be a possible truck container problem, but this is important)
New York Times does it again: ‘Hillary-Biden voter’ has a long history of Republican contributions
The Supreme Court May Execute Steve Bannon’s Plan to Destroy the Administrative State. Reviving the “nondelegation doctrine” would imperil the American government’s ability to govern.
America Is a Child Star in Middle Age. It’s Time to Grow Up.
The Real-Life Whale That Gave Moby Dick His Name
She believed the election system was full of fraud. Her clerk set out to win her trust
The Pandemic Through A Mirror, Darkly
The Politics Show
Fox’s shareholder meeting will require vaccine passports and masks. The network’s commentators have celebrated vaccine resisters and even endorsed counterfeit vaccination cards. But within the corporation itself, things are much different.
No, Vaccine Mandates Aren’t an Attack on Freedom
‘We’re Fucked’: Cops Freak Out Over Plan to Punish Bad Apples

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