Links 11/4/21

Links for you. Science:

The Real Scandal About Ivermectin: Claims about the drug are based on shoddy science—but that science is entirely unremarkable in its shoddiness.
What is fluvoxamine, the antidepressant drug that shows promise in treating covid-19?
How zoos persuade animals to get the coronavirus vaccine. (M&Ms and ice cream help.)
Donovanosis: ‘Flesh-eating’ STI has doctors worried (Klebsiella granulomatis; hopefully, it doesn’t acquire any KPC carbapenemases…)
Pandas’ Iconic Colors Turn Out to Be Good For Something Aside From Looking Cute
The impact of school opening model on SARS-CoV-2 community incidence and mortality


Who Goes Fascist? A Political Psychologist Explains.
University of Florida bars faculty members from testifying in voting rights lawsuit against DeSantis administration (cancel culture tho)
Where white people go, where Black people go: Cellphone data reveals how segregated Bostonians are in their movements
In Vienna, a visionary example of dealing with urban floods
Cowards, Not Crazies, Are Destroying America
The Coming Age of Climate Trauma. Three years after a devastating wildfire, a California community faces another crisis: PTSD. Is what’s happening there a warning to the rest of us?
Still The Worst People In The World (the Lincoln Project doesn’t realize that, because they’re now not Republicans in good standing anymore, they will be treated like Democrats, who have a different set of rules)
Two doors, few windows and 4,500 students: Architect quits over billionaire’s mega dorm
Architect Says Billionaire’s Dystopian Dorm Design Is a Dangerous Social and Psychological Experiment (waiting for this to be a ‘solution’ for homelessness…)
Florida strips federal funding from schools as further punishment for masking (DeSantis is a Great Barrington Declaration ideologue)
58,000 Dead, and Depraved DeSantis Is Just Getting Started
Amazon Story Illustrates the Problem with Democrats’ Paid Leave Plan
The Most Progressive Governor In America? Many who were once skeptical of the former investment banker now admit that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s policies are compassionate and forward-thinking.
The Entire Republican Leadership Is Covering Up Trump’s Coup Attempt
The Florida Projects
The Case for Making Parental Leave Actually Universal
I Hope Everyone Is Prepared for Kyle Rittenhouse to Go Free. Even if Rittenhouse somehow draws an impartial jury, he already appears to have landed a very partial judge.
What if I told you the very obscenely rich are not the respectable hard-working ‘job creators’ you’re told they are? Rampant criming is more like it. So stop being so polite.
Are We Ready for the Next Trump-Led Coup? A succession of societies in the grip of a traumatic loss of global power have suffered coups, successful or not—and that includes the United States
White America likes to pretend antisemitism is a bug, not a feature. The history of Jews in America tells a different story
The Supreme Court Wants to Make It Even Harder to Sue Abusive Cops. Ending qualified immunity is essential to bringing violent police officers to justice, but the nation’s highest court refuses to weaken it.
Boise mall shooter was a far-right gun rights extremist who stalked local antifascists at rally
The Polarization of Death
Conor Lamb Is a Centrist in Sheep’s Clothing

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