Links 10/25/21

Links for you. Science:

Progressive Development of Cefiderocol Resistance in Escherichia coli During Therapy Is Associated with Increased blaNDM-5 Copy Number and Gene Expression
The coronavirus is still mutating. But will that matter? ‘We need to keep the respect for this virus.’
The neighborhood of the Spike gene is a hotspot for modular intertypic homologous and non-homologous recombination in Coronavirus genomes
Should You Mix and Match Your Booster Shot?
Low sensitivity of rapid antigen tests to detect SARS-CoV-2 infections prior to and on the day of symptom onset in staff and residents of a nursing home, Germany, January-March 2021
Why camel antibodies could be the key ingredient in a universal snakebite antivenom


‘I Don’t Know That I Would Even Call It Meth Anymore’: Different chemically than it was a decade ago, the drug is creating a wave of severe mental illness and worsening America’s homelessness problem. (despite the Ice-T/SVU overtones of the title, very good article)
Fake Polls and Tabloid Coverage on Demand: The Dark Side of Sebastian Kurz. The downfall of Austria’s onetime political Wunderkind put a spotlight on the cozy, sometimes corrupt, relationship between right-wing populists and parts of the news media.
Apple finally listened to the pros. And ditched the MacBook’s cons
Is shoplifting forcing Walgreens to cut back in S.F.? Data on the closing stores puts the claim into perspective
Remembering Colin Powell
Look at How We Discuss the Defense Budget vs. How We Discuss Investing in Our People
It’s Important to Keep an Eye on Pablo Escobar’s Hippopotami
Rents are rising, and thanks to Manchin and Sinema, help is probably not on the way
49 Out Of The 50 People Who Died Of COVID-19 In D.C. Since June Were Black
A red state Democrat tries to talk sense to Joe Manchin
D.C. Housing Authority Board Chair Neil Albert Will Resign: He’s stepping down amid revelations that he approved contracts for a “female companion.” (Bowser and her cronies are corrupt)
The conservative group using the courts to push ivermectin on COVID patients: The ivermectin craze is being fueled by medical front groups with ties to right-wing dark money
Will Ending Gifted and Talented Programs Help Desegregate Schools?
No, Biden isn’t proposing that the IRS spy on bank records
Better Do A Little Well Than A Great Deal Badly (though it’s unclear if Co-President Manchin and Manic Pixie Dream Senator would go for this either…)
Joe Biden Is Not in Free Fall
Prolonged disruption could be a drag on pandemic recovery for Metro and D.C. region, leaders say (why the entire oversight board hasn’t been axed is a puzzle)
Claremont Institute’s descent into Trumpian extremism illustrated in law enforcement strategy
Jen Psaki renders Peter Doocy momentarily speechless with a simple question (not a Psaki fanboi, but, damn, Doocy is stupid)
Trumpist lost causes
Democratic Child Care Plan Will Spike Prices for the Middle Class by $13,000
‘We Are Literally Terrified Of Giving Birth’: The Road To Motherhood Is Different For Black Women Around D.C.
The Best Of Times
The MacBook Pro is the future of Apple’s ports mess

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  1. The meth we had in the 70s & 80s was pharmaceutical. Not the bathtub meth they have now. There was bathtub meth back in the bath (made & sold by bikers, at least around here) but the stuff we had … it was the real deal.

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