Links 10/16/21

Links for you. Science:

Losing Your Hair? You Might Blame the Great Stem Cell Escape.
This Chemist’s Pandemic Hobby? Firing Medieval Cannonballs.
Association Between Risk of COVID-19 Infection in Nonimmune Individuals and COVID-19 Immunity in Their Family Members
COVID-19 transmission dynamics underlying epidemic waves in Kenya
Chicken-size ‘dragon’ is the oldest carnivorous dinosaur found in the U.K., scientists say
Here’s what Bay Area doctors say about how COVID affects the brain


The trillion-dollar coin scheme, explained by the guy who invented it: Let us now praise Beowulf, perhaps the most influential blog commenter of all time.
The election lie is not a game, it’s a danger; our real leaders must squelch it (noteworthy because it’s from that well-known liberal outlet…The Omaha World-Herald)
Capitol Police whistleblower delivers scathing rebuke to 2 of its senior leaders Jan. 6
Insurrection Commission Subpoenas Far-Right Activist Who Said Three GOP Reps Helped Him Plan Rally
Kyrsten Sinema Wants to Cut $100 Billion in Proposed Climate Funds, Sources Say
Why do people worry about deficits? A list of reasons, from the reasonable to the absurd
How The Rich Profit Off Racism, From Charter Schools to Detention Centers
Identifying The ‘Bad Art Friend’ Is Easy
My father should be in surgery rehab. But with beds full of the unvaccinated, he died in covid quarantine.
Biden’s Education Department just wiped out $1.74 billion of student debt for 22,000 borrowers through a major overhaul of a loan-forgiveness program
Eric Clapton Isn’t Just Spouting Vaccine Nonsense—He’s Bankrolling It
Showing ’em how it’s done
The Real Problem With Jon Stewart
The court says D.C. disenfranchisement isn’t unconstitutional. It’s still un-American.
Blogger Ethics Panel
Wisconsin: The incubator for America’s tribal politics (though please stop calling it ‘tribal’)
Moderna keeps COVID vaccine out of reach of poor nations
Experts worry summer’s robust restaurant industry rebound was ‘an artificial sugar rush’
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Is Literally Teaching a Course on Fundraising
NFL condemns racist language used by Jon Gruden in 2011 email
‘It’s not sustainable’: What America’s port crisis looks like up close
Why does ‘Squid Game’ resonate so well in the U.S.? It may be its portrayal of economic despair.
Vaccine mandates work, and refusal is rare because it is not based on any actual principle

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