Links 9/27/21

Links for you. Science:

Pioneering Gene Therapy Freed Her of Sickle Cell. Is a Cure at Hand?
NIH clinical trial evaluating mixed COVID-19 vaccine schedules begins
Swedish research misconduct agency swamped with cases in first year
Two Scientific Journals Retract Articles Involving Chinese DNA Research
The importance of non-pharmaceutical interventions during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout


Sinema Cueing Up To Go Indy
The goals we’ve set aren’t enough to stave off global warming. It’s past time to get real.
They Were Going to Bulldoze the American Republic for This Guy
That time Trump accused a Republican of election fraud
Kyrsten Sinema Threatens to Kill Her Own Infrastructure Bill: Democrats in Congress are melting down. (1. How do you negotiate with someone like this? 2. This is what narcissists do.)
As eviction looms, unhoused people in Adams Morgan plaza say they’re being used by both sides in political tug of war
Dems Flail Over Pharma Cash And Drug Pricing Vote
Covid II: Supercovid
It Isn’t Just Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. A Handful of Cowardly Democrats Are Letting Them Front This.
Not Just Corruption
Up Trouble Mountain: The mounting crises of the modern world—suicides, homelessness, climate disasters—are now prevalent in America’s most beautiful places: its wilderness parks. The rangers who care for them didn’t sign up for this, and some wonder how long they can last. Welcome to the front lines of the new great outdoors.
It Shouldn’t Be This Easy to Overthrow the American Republic
Paid Leave Advocates Won’t Push Back on Payouts to Private Insurance
The only way to save Biden’s policy agenda — and the global economy
This Is All Exactly What It Looks Like
A Chinese student in Canada had two followers on Twitter. He still didn’t escape Beijing’s threats over online activity
Delta 5’s Julz Sale, Singer of ‘Mind Your Own Business,’ Dies
D.C. Auditor Looking Into Vision Zero Program, Which Has Only Reduced Traffic Fatality Total Once In Six Years
Republicans will rue the Texas abortion law
Yep. Sinema’s Cratering Back Home
File not found: A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans

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