Links 9/26/21

Links for you. Science:

Amazing photos show a family of wild boars organizing a cage breakout of 2 piglets, demonstrating high levels of intelligence and empathy
The world’s tallest populace is shrinking, and scientists want to know why
Viral Sequencing to Investigate Sources of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in US Healthcare Personnel
Why Remdesivir Failed: Preclinical Assumptions Overestimate the Clinical Efficacy of Remdesivir for COVID-19 and Ebola
Predictors of Test Positivity, Mortality, and Seropositivity during the Early Coronavirus Disease Epidemic, Orange County, California, USA


The Middle-Aged Sadness Behind the Cancel Culture Panic
The Liberation of Paris From Cars Is Working
Is It Time to Rethink Hyper-Minority Districts?
Why Biden Bet It All on Mandates
Progressive slams Manchin, bad Dems: “I feel sorry for them. And politically, it’s ass-backwards.”
Why America needs vaccine mandates
Longtime Black Homeowners Feel Pressured to Sell Houses
Conservatives are killing themselves with COVID, and no, it’s not our fault
Dark Omen in Rep. Anthony Gonzalez’s Retirement
The Liberal Attack on Government: The left criticized administrative power, and then lost control of both the government and the narrative that surrounded it.
On 9/11, Was W. AWOL? The mysterious case of the president’s dysfunctionality on the day the U.S. was attacked
CMS unveils new tool for public to compare nursing home vaccination rates (not that easy to use, but better than before)
Dave Zirin: You Can’t Separate Sports and Politics
“Men’s Rights Asians” Think This Is Their Moment
It’s All or Nothing for These Democrats, Even if That Means Biden Fails
Why ‘Hell of a Hat: The Rise of ’90s Ska & Swing’ Makes the Case for a Maligned Genre
Trumpists Don’t Need Rallies Anymore
Ominous new details about Trump’s coup attempt require Democrats to act
Peter Thiel Gamed Silicon Valley, Donald Trump, and Democracy to Make Billions, Tax-Free
Go Fast Or Go Home

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