Links 9/25/21

Links for you. Science:

Exploratory study of the global intent to accept COVID-19 vaccinations (U.S. results don’t account for race/ethnicity so…)
Battalions of armyworms are chomping up fields across the nation — sometimes overnight
Almost 10,000 people tested negative before flying. Just one was positive after landing, a study shows.
The unlikely protector against Bangladesh’s rising seas
All The Lions And Tigers At D.C.’s National Zoo Have Tested Positive For COVID-19. The big cats are also showing symptoms such as coughing and lack of appetite.


The Look of Gentrification: If you think of gentrification as coffee shops and bike lanes then you don’t understand gentrification at all. It’s about what’s inside, not outside.
Why I violated Texas’s extreme abortion ban
What Is Political Writing For?
What Boston thinks it is and what Boston is
The days of full covid coverage are over. Insurers are restoring deductibles and co-pays, leaving patients with big bills.
The Fake Vaxx Card Next to You: In the city, counterfeit proof is easy to buy as weed.
‘The pay is absolute crap’: Child-care workers are quitting rapidly, a red flag for the economy
How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules From Inside Government
Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart
A murky battle over religious beliefs and COVID-19 vaccination continues
Facebook keeps researching its own harms — and burying the findings
Can American Politics Allow for Long-Run Investment?
A 5-year-old was killed while riding her bike. A video taken the next day has, rightfully, left people furious.
Apartments Built on an Assembly Line
Abort the Illegitimate Court: End the Filibuster and Pack it
For one Capitol reporter, Jan. 6 was the final straw — but he had watched a crisis brew for years
Texas Democrats Have an Opportunity
The housing crisis is the top concern for urban residents
The only language McConnell understands is power. Act accordingly, Democrats.
Remaining unvaccinated in public should be considered as bad as drunken driving
Peter Thiel’s Origin Story: His ideology dominates Silicon Valley. It began to form when he was an angry young man. (the people who govern us are seriously fucked up)
After Afghanistan: No Post-American world

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