Links 9/23/21

Links for you. Science:

A vaccine veteran steps away from the NIH, looking out toward the world
The Best Photos Taken Through Microscopes Will Blow You Away
Recent Ebola outbreak emerged from someone infected 5 years earlier
Infectious SARS-CoV-2 in Exhaled Aerosols and Efficacy of Masks During Early Mild Infection
Pediatric Diabetes Surge in Mississippi: Doctors Concerned COVID-19 Is To Blame


The Olympians Laid Out the Worst FBI Malfeasance Since the Days of Whitey Bulger
Josh Hawley, Clownish Menace
The Arizona Supreme Court Took a Lead-Lined Gavel to the Cyber Ninjas Yet Again
This story from Texas is a perfect illustration of how Republicans have failed America
The California Recall Results Were a Resounding Win for Common Sense
This pastor will sign a religious exemption for vaccines if you donate to his church
There Are Too Many Underemployed Former Spies Running Around Selling Their Services to the Highest Bidder
Gen. Milley Was Forced to Act Because Others Didn’t
Here’s Some Research for the Do-Your-Own-Research Crowd
A Texas Republican’s vile rant shows ‘great replacement’ is becoming GOP dogma (or they’re reverting to 1990s California Republicanism…)
Men Working in Abortion Care Know It’s Their Fight, Too
‘Asshole’ Sergeant Bullies and Harasses Officers in Housing Authority Police Department, Officers Say
The Symptoms Show American Culture Is Transitioning into a Violent Oligarchy
The Fatal Elitism of the Time’s Up Charity
This Is Life in Rural Afghanistan After the Taliban Takeover
I’ve Always Been the Haggler in My Family. During the Pandemic, It Saved Us.
The Bronze Lie: Why Should We Care About the Ancient Spartans?
Carmine’s Hostess Attacked After Asking Tourists for Vaccination Proof to Dine Inside
Unvaxxed Teen Councilman Who Attacked Mask Mandates Now Battling ‘Terrible’ COVID Pneumonia
Indignity Vol. 1, No. 20: The nice kind of calipers.
Why College Professors Have Had Enough (if they were the campus radicals the right claims they are, we would be seeing strikes nationwide)
Black people are about to be swept aside for a South Carolina freeway — again

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  1. AinCa says:

    On the real historical Sparta as opposed to the mythologized one,
    there is also the excellent series of blog posts by Bret Devereaux

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