Links 9/17/21

Links for you. Science:

New Studies Find Evidence Of ‘Superhuman’ Immunity To COVID-19 In Some Individuals
Can Progressives Be Convinced That Genetics Matters? The behavior geneticist Kathryn Paige Harden is waging a two-front campaign: on her left are those who assume that genes are irrelevant, on her right those who insist that they’re everything.
One year after the bubble, the NBA’s COVID-19 response is helping the world understand the pandemic
In the hunt for novel antibiotics, will new technology overtake underwater exploration?
Kids and COVID: why young immune systems are still on top


Denmark lifts all coronavirus restrictions and celebrates ‘a whole new era’
George W. Bush Didn’t Keep Us Safe. The president was warned about the risk of terrorist attacks, but we weren’t. Not about the 9/11 attacks, the wars or the scar they’ve left on our world.
How the War on Terror Created the “Muslim American”
A secretive Pentagon program that started on Trump’s last day in office just ended. The mystery has not.
Unvaxxed Quarterback Carson Wentz Wants Your Trust: If the Colts players and fans trusted him before, he has now relinquished the right to any such dispensation.
Some federal employee groups embrace Biden’s vaccine mandate, others are lukewarm — and one is outright hostile (guess which one!)
Susan Collins, Brett Kavanaugh, and Texas’s Abortion Ban
A history of the United States, according to statues
GOP Senate Candidate Flips Out At Vaccine Mandates In ‘Deeply Offensive’ Video
The new age of American power: Despite forecasts of decline following the Afghanistan withdrawal, the US military is planning another century of global domination.
What is ivermectin, and how did people get the idea it can treat covid?
In defense of the “gentrification building”: The new multifamily buildings in your neighborhood actually slow displacement. (depending on what phase of gentrification an area is in)
How at-home coronavirus testing is becoming part of Biden’s plan for managing the pandemic
What goes around and goes around and goes around and…I’ll come in again
Why this small South Dakota town started the International Vinegar Museum
Denmark lifts all Covid restrictions, crediting high vaccine uptake
‘Tape their beaks’: Wildlife trafficking case offers glimpse into clandestine animal trade from Mexico
88 Tactical, Militarized Police, and a Looming Coup in Brazil: Brazil is currently on high alert amid signs its fascist leader is planning a “self coup” to despotically seize and retain power. Bolsonaro loyalists have had years of training from Omaha’s 88 Tactical and US law enforcement. (among all the hyperventilating about how universities turn people into liberals, there seems to be far less concern about other institutions which seem to be fascist-curious)
Requiem for the City: The post-pandemic recovery of New York City is not looking good
Amazon Installs Huge Lockers On A Chicago Park’s Sidewalk, Confusing And Frustrating Neighbors
The House Paid Leave Proposal Is Awful
How China Weaponized the Press
With a mandate affecting 100 million workers, Biden becomes a good ‘law and order’ president

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