Links 9/10/11

Links for you. Science:

Can Science Help Resolve the Controversy on the Origins of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic?
Host Colonization as a Major Evolutionary Force Favoring the Diversity and the Emergence of the Worldwide Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli ST131
Rapid, Large-Scale Wastewater Surveillance and Automated Reporting System Enable Early Detection of Nearly 85% of COVID-19 Cases on a University Campus
SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection: A Case Series from a 12-Month Longitudinal Occupational Cohort (the NBA)
The debate over Covid-19 vaccine boosters, what to call them, and whether they’re needed


The harsh truth of this moment: Republicans understand power. Democrats do not.
DEMOCRATS NEED A LONG GAME, AND IMPORTANT PEOPLE DON’T WANT THEM TO HAVE ONE (though some of the important people are inside the wire)
The War in Afghanistan Is What Happens When McKinsey Types Run Everything (“It’s just stunning that NATO forces would be trying to stand up an independent Afghan army, even as NATO contractors disarmed that army due to contracting arrangements.”)
Corporate boards, consulting, speaking fees: How U.S. generals thrived after Afghanistan
‘Is this my life now?’: Clemson defensive end Justin Foster’s — and my — struggle with long-haul COVID (a whole fuckton of pundits need to read this; until we know what vaccination does regarding long COVID, people’s concerns are legit)
What Can Democrats Do to Fight Texas’s Abortion Ban? Lots.
The Time for Democrats to Go Nuclear Was Yesterday
Vaccine mandates are necessary to save our public universities
Democrats need to fight this abortion ban, and by ‘fight’ we don’t mean ‘fundraise’
Howard University COVID-19 Precautions Concern Faculty
A tale of two governors: COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters
The Last Summer of Roe v. Wade
SCOTUS Delenda Est
Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal could’ve gone so differently
China calls for boycott of ‘overly entertaining’ entertainers and ‘sissy idols’ in continued purge of popular culture industry
When school isn’t safe: ‘You feel like you are sending your child into a lion’s den’
We’re Burying Our Kids in Debt (Just Not the Way You Think)
At 50, Kennedy Center can no longer be a cultural island
Democrats ‘disarming’ in gerrymander wars
T-shirt asking, ‘What’s more punk than the public library?’ raises $100K for D.C. branch
Charles Barkley Hits Anti-Vaccine Sports Stars With A Blunt Reminder
There’s no escape from Facebook, even if you don’t use it (tips to stop this)
Satanic Temple Floats Devilishly Clever Strategy To Dodge Texas Abortion Law
Miami Herald exposé: DeSantis is cooking COVID-19 data for a ‘artificial decline’ in Florida deaths
Capybaras Tear Up Lawns, Disrupt Traffic In Wealthy Gated Complex (onward comrades!)

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