Links 8/23/21

Links for you. Science:

Genetic papers containing data from China’s ethnic minorities draw fire
Goliath grouper fishing may be allowed in Florida again after 30-year ban: But the enormous, once-endangered fish’s population is still too low to justify fishing, scientists argue.
11% of early COVID-19 was acquired in-hospital, study says
How a Gecko From Africa Crossed the Atlantic Ocean: The African house gecko, one of the most widely distributed invasive reptiles in the world, may have moved with the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
C.D.C. Recommends Covid Vaccines During Pregnancy: New research shows the shots do not increase risk of miscarriage, the agency said, but the risks of severe disease from a coronavirus infection while pregnant are serious.


Employer vaccine mandates? It’s complicated. ‘Once you do that, you can’t look back’ (almost like there’s a role for government in markets or something…)
Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump, and the Epidemic of New York Strongmen
Pretending to Care About Women In Afghanistan
Mexico is tired of U.S. guns bloodying our streets. That’s why we are suing manufacturers.
The Next Gerrymandering Nightmare Has Begun
Get the vaccine or get fired? In Shenandoah Valley, some nurses choose termination. (very small percentage though)
California’s Recall Election Could Be a National Disaster
Ben Franklin’s bitter regret that he didn’t immunize his 4-year-old son against smallpox
‘I love this town.’ Jack Connors is leaving behind the Hancock tower, but not his philanthropy
For years, I feared that I’d outlive my daughter. And then science did something amazing.
A Powerful New Deepfake Tool Has Digitally Undressed Thousands Of Women: The AI-generated nudes, which look horrifyingly realistic, are sweeping the web.
DELTA is Coming For Your Economic Recovery
Portland Looks Like Shit. Who’s to Blame? What Can be Done?
After six churchgoers die from COVID-19, pastor runs vaccination drive
Don’t Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask. Generations of Americans made incredible sacrifices, and we’re going to throw fits about putting a mask over our mouth and nose? (GO AHNOLD!)
Why do Republicans want children to die?
Vaccine Refusers Risk Compassion Fatigue: After the horrors that health-care workers have endured during the pandemic, many are struggling to sympathize with people who won’t protect themselves.
How Nina Turner Lost Her Election: Financial mismanagement and other mistakes plagued the progressive candidate’s campaign for Congress in Ohio.
Anthro-washing: On the rise, and limits, of corporate anthropology
What The Census Tells Us About American Politics: Growing diversity and urban populations should benefit Democrats — but the Senate’s rural bias is getting worse.
With coronavirus cases rising, D.C. schools prepare to outline safety protocols for new academic year
Iceland has been a vaccination success. Why is it seeing a coronavirus surge?
‘Everybody I Know Is Pissed Off’: New polling data paint a more complicated picture about the next phase of the pandemic.

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