Links 8/6/21

Links for you. Science:

Behind the Masks, a Mystery: How Often Do the Vaccinated Spread the Virus?
The Seed Collector Who Roams the City’s Marshes
Tracking Cryptic SARS-CoV-2 Lineages Detected in NYC Wastewater
Surveillance Data Shows White-Tailed Deer Exposed to SARS-CoV-2
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Adolescents Aged 12–17 Years — United States, December 14, 2020–July 16, 2021


Federal judge berates riot suspect who refuses to wear mask: ‘When did you go to medical school?’
Religious Identities and the Race Against the Virus: Wave 2: June 2021 (good job, my landsmen!)
As White Evangelical Vaccine Refusal Reminds Us, Sometimes Religion is the Problem
Blizzard Recruiters Asked Hacker If She ‘Liked Being Penetrated’ at Job Fair
The fringe candidates that could undermine the GOP’s 2022 Senate chances (Faris is one of the smarter people out there; I hope he’s right)
How to Feed 10,000 Rebel Fighters for 50 Years
My coronavirus test wasn’t checked when I returned to the U.S. Turns out, I’m not alone.
Call Me a Traitor Daniel Hale exposed the machinery of America’s clandestine warfare. Why did no one seem to care?
‘A rush to get shots’
Oklahoma GOP Likens Vaccine Mandates To Persecution Of Jews
D.C. is a city of grand monuments and federal buildings. These photos capture the often unseen poetic details.
Who Owns My Name?
‘We can’t take another blow’: Some restaurants may not survive renewed mask mandates
‘Comically Minimal Ego-Stroking’: Inside The Bumble Takedown Of A Violent Capitol Rioter
D.C. has the widest wage gap for Black women. This 72-year-old doesn’t need data to know that.
The Delta Variant Is Contagious as Hell—and People Are Selfish
Vaccinated people are ready for normalcy — and angry at the unvaccinated getting in their way
House Democrats Want to Know the Truth About the Bolivian Coup
University of California blasts Atlantic story on admissions
We Need to Scale Back America’s War Machine
Washington region brings back contact tracers amid new spike in covid cases
Why Are Public Defenders Backing a Major Assault on Gun Control?

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