Links 8/5/21

Links for you. Science:

Here’s What to Know About the Untreatable Fungus Found in a DC Nursing Home
COVID Symptoms May Linger In Some Vaccinated People Who Get Infected, Study Finds
Harmful bacteria are hiding in livestock; traditional methods aren’t finding them
Improving communications around vaccine breakthrough and vaccine effectiveness (the CDC slide deck everyone is talking about)
CDC reversal on indoor masking prompts experts to ask, ‘Where’s the data?’


The COVID States Project #58: High public support for mandating vaccines
Their neighbors called covid-19 a hoax. Can these ICU nurses forgive them? For the nurses in the Appalachian highlands who risked their lives during the pandemic, it is as if they fought in a war no one acknowledges. (more importantly, will their neighbors repent? Still good though)
Infrastructure Summer: One Deal Forward, One Deal Back
I Wouldn’t Trade Breathing For Any Political Principle I Hold
Bowser, Contee Call for More Cops
Is Kyrsten Sinema Going to Think About Arizona’s (Scary) Future When It Comes to These Infrastructure Bills? (no, because Manic Pixie Dream Senator is a horrible person)
‘Bloody shirt’ gaslighting hits fruition as Republicans valorize insurrectionists, attack accusers
Require the vaccine. It’s time to stop coddling the reckless.
What if the Unvaccinated Can’t Be Persuaded?
Manchin and Sinema Have Their History Wrong
He warned democracy was in peril. And that was before the Capitol riot
Delta is worse. This time around, Alabama is facing a two-front war.
This Was the Biggest, Loudest Cop Union in America. Then Came Jan. 6.
Bankruptcy and elite impunity
Biden to federal workers: Get vaccinated or face restrictions
Vaccinated people are getting sick — but some counterintuitive math puts it in context. It’s a mistake to measure vaccine effectiveness by the percentage of hospitalized patients.
Mike Lindell says he’s pulling MyPillow ads from Fox News. Here’s what that means. (though the majority of its revenue comes from mandatory cable subscription fees)
How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Sacklers? Judges have grown accustomed to issuing get-out-of-litigation cards to corporate looters in bankruptcy court. (the belief that judges are ‘calling balls and strikes’ and not ideologically motivated political actors is killing us)
American Education Is Founded on White Race Theory: The conservative hysteria over critical race theory is ultimately a refusal to acknowledge that the country’s classrooms have always taught a white-centric view of U.S. history. (uncritical race theory…)
‘Is this legal?’: Why an obscure data service has been sued nearly 100 times for facilitating anti-competitive behavior
Saved from a dumpster, glass negatives reveal life in Mass. more than 100 years ago. A treasure trove of found photos, stretching back to the 1860s, offers a compelling time capsule.

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