Links 7/30/21

Links for you. Science:

Networks of SARS-CoV-2 transmission
The introduction of a mandatory mask policy was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 cases in a major metropolitan city
SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Public School District Employees Following a District-Wide Vaccination Program — Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, March 21–April 23, 2021 (“Among 2-dose, 1-dose, and zero-dose vaccine recipients, 0.09%, 1.21%, and 1.76% of test results, respectively, were positive (p<0.001), representing a 95% lower percentage of positive test results among staff members who received 2 doses compared with those who were unvaccinated.") SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Resistance Mutations in Patient with HIV/AIDS, California, USA
Impact of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants on mRNA vaccine-induced immunity in uninfected and previously infected individuals


An ER Doctor in Arkansas Told Us What Its Like to Work in Unvaccinated America: “How do you overcome an objection,” asks Dr. Ken Starnes, “when they don’t give you one?”
DC parents say problematic doctor’s form is preventing child approval for virtual learning
How Joe Biden Defanged the Left
‘A Hit Man Sent Them’: Police Officers Testify to the Violence Done on January 6
You’ve probably seen reports from Israel on low vaccine effectiveness in this wave. Is it because of Delta? Waning immunity? We think the reason is mostly that we got the denominator wrong.
The homevoters and the haut precariat: New social classes for a new age
Simone Biles said she got the ‘twisties.’ Gymnasts immediately understood.
In the Race Against Nina Turner, GOP Donors Fund Shontel Brown
Surge pricing violates antitrust law
The pandemic didn’t kill Singapore’s UNESCO-listed food stalls. Delivery apps might. Super apps like Grab can afford to burn cash, but the restaurants they work with can’t. (it’s a global phenomenon)
Republicans, too cowardly to openly defend January 6 insurrections, continue to gaslight Americans
The Unraveling of the Trump Era. The Trump administration desperately wanted to cut government benefits, and it had outside help to do so. But very few of its new rules held up.
Can the media Both Sides an insurrection? They’re gonna try
Democratic Leaders Are Betraying Black Voters. If the Democratic Party is not upholding a racist double standard with its inaction, it is at least acquiescing to one.
Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed
Whitmire: Faith, foolishness and COVID ‘Final Destination’ Syndrome
Flyers Threatening White HP Parents Who Send Their Kids to the Ivy League Reek of Fakeness
An unvaccinated radio host is sick with covid. His family is ‘elated’ listeners are now getting the vaccine. (still a dumbass though)
A Reporter’s Fight to Expose Epstein’s Crimes — and Earn a Living
‘Want to be careful with this word: On the perils of writing about the empire

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  1. jmagoun says:

    Your link to “Flyers Threatening White HP Parents Who Send Their Kids to the Ivy League Reek of Fakeness” left me completely confused. To start with, I associate HP with Harry Potter in headlines, all other things being equal. But when I clicked the link, i found that HP meant Highland Park, a suburb (I think) in Dallas. The article from a Dallas paper continued to confuse me with its knowing references to local politics that I, a resident of Connecticut, could make no sense of. I gathered, I think, that the Republicans are the bad guys in some scheme to shame liberal parents with successful high school children applying to colleges. But really, I couldn’t make head nor tail of the article as it was written, apparently, to an elite group of Highland Park (got it!) parents who had – what? – been cross-shamed for something involving the Ivy League. Really, it was pretty hard to read.

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