Links 7/29/21

Links for you. Science:

Breakthrough Infections of SARS-CoV-2 Gamma Variant in Fully Vaccinated Gold Miners, French Guiana, 2021
Gun violence is surging — researchers finally have the money to ask why
You got a coronavirus vaccine. But you still became infected. How did that happen?
Viral Load of SARS-CoV-2 in Respiratory Aerosols Emitted by COVID-19 Patients while Breathing, Talking, and Singing
How the Delta variant achieves its ultrafast spread


The Case for Vaccine Mandates and Proof of Vaccination Systems
A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites With Hardcore Porn
Why Republicans suddenly seem to be taking COVID seriously (“this looks very much like a two-pronged strategy, where the Beltway press gets a “GOP loves the vaccine” message, while the actual base is still getting blasted with a “vaccines are bad” message.”)
Michigan Sheriff Alarms Small-Town Clerks With Shady, Mike Lindell-Inspired Elections Probe (elected sheriffs are worse than elected judges)
SF Bay Area restaurants are still struggling. Returning customers don’t see that.
Parents Take Aim At D.C. Law That Allows Minors To Get Vaccinated Without Parental Permission
Proud Boys Say They Can’t Safely Dance, Even Though They Wanted To
Sean Hannity assures audience he’s “not urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.” Sean Hannity issues stern rebuke to those calling him “pro-vaccine”: “Why are they saying something I didn’t say?”
In Alabama and Louisiana, partisan opposition to vaccine surges alongside Delta variant: Many people are turning down Covid vaccines because they are angry that President Donald Trump lost the election and sick of Democrats thinking they know what’s best. (fucking morons)
Democrats aren’t falling for bogus GOP attacks on Biden nominees
Woodland Bar Shuts Down After Maskless, Unvaccinated Customers Infect Staff With COVID-19
I live in a Democratic bubble. Here’s why that’s okay.
Imagine a 9/11 Commission If the Hijackers Had Allies in Congress
Here’s the cynical reason why Fox News ‘changed its tune’ on COVID-19 vaccinations
Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection
Some Republicans are pushing people to get vaccinated. It may be too late.
In Mattapan, the uphill battle against COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
‘Complete, dysfunctional chaos’: Oklahoma reels after Supreme Court ruling on Indian tribes
In southwest Missouri, the coronavirus Delta variant and freedom collide (‘freedom’ akshually)
The Post-Pandemic Return of Professional Frisbee
A Black entrepreneur wanted to find success in the Seaport. Instead she had to go to New York. Her business is taking off

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