Links 7/27/21

Links for you. Science:

How Many Numbers Exist? Infinity Proof Moves Math Closer to an Answer.
Spatial, Ecologic, and Clinical Epidemiology of Community-Onset, Ceftriaxone-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Cook County, Illinois, USA
New Data Leads To Rethinking (Once More) Where The Pandemic Actually Began
Self-infection with speech aerosol may contribute to COVID-19 severity
Cats Are Better Than Dogs (at Catching the Coronavirus)


Independence Day (excellent)
My Community Refuses to Get Vaccinated. Now Delta Is Here.
The New Brandeis Movement Has Its Moment: Biden’s DOJ moves toward anti-monopoly enforcement and away from Merrick Garland.
Suddenly, Conservatives Care About Vaccines. A number of leaders on the right suddenly urged their audiences to get vaccinated in the past day. Why now?
Class War Comix
It’s Time to Require COVID Vaccination in the Workplace
My completely uncontroversial take on what to call your professor
America’s least essential pundit hopes Jim Jordan will restore bipartisan comity in America
Can Employers Require Employees to Get Vaccinated? Plus, Answers to Other Legal Questions as We Return to the Office
The Billionaires Did It. They Made Spaceflight Uncool.
Pelosi exploded the myth of bipartisanship
Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Tinley Park Hospital (1958) Tinley Park, IL
Vaccine doubters’ strange fixation with Israel
4 Reasons I’m Wearing a Mask Again. Our vaccines are extraordinary, but right now they need all the help they can get.
D.C. Regulated Third-Party Delivery Apps During the Pandemic. What Happens Now?
When Facts Are Controversial: A Modern Story
Calls to Amend, Delay Non-Compete Ban Grow
Mask requirements can’t exempt the vaccinated, because the unvaccinated will simply cheat
Give Greece Back the Olympics
Biden’s vaccine misinformation road not taken
In the shadow of Nationals Park, longtime residents face threats beyond gunfire

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