Links 7/24/21

Links for you. Science:

‘They have shown that this is not some impossible thing’: Academic lab copies Google’s big biological breakthrough
CDC advisers to consider additional coronavirus dose for immunocompromised patients
How ‘Long COVID’ Keeps Us Sick
Long COVID and kids: scientists race to find answers
Borgs are giant extrachromosomal elements with the potential to augment methane oxidation


Nobody Listens To Atrios (you should listen to Atrios)
In Virginia, a historic Black neighborhood grapples with whether to grow
A federal judge upholds Indiana University’s vaccination requirement for students.
The Libs Were Mean
Hair ties and no heels: The evolution of female superhero costumes is finally here
Bullshit artistry
This Sentence Probably Isn’t Satisfactory to Anyone Who Was Trapped in the Capitol on January 6
The Pegasus Spyware Story Is a Reminder of Why We’re So Attracted to Conspiracy Theories These Days
The Villainous Economist Problem
Conspiracy theories are common on the right — but few Republicans adhere to all of them
How the New Child Tax Credit Is Already Changing Lives: “There’s very few good news stories, and this is one.”
The two numbers that could get people to take the vaccine (not sure I agree with the deficit theory at all)
Biden Turns His Back on Voting Rights
A street shooting shut down a baseball game in a tony part of D.C. That’s everyday life for some residents, though.
How Thomas Edison Changed Singing: The great inventor helped launch the jazz and blues revolution—but that was the exact opposite of what he intended
‘Rampant issues’: Black farmers are still left out at USDA (actual critical race theory anyone?)
The Greatest TImes Of Their Lives
“Conservative pornstar” derails Turning Point USA’s right-wing youth gathering
Haitian president’s assassination exposes shady world of Colombian mercenaries
New Legislation Needed to Prepare for the Next Pandemic
It’s time to shut down the Disinformation Dozen

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