Links 7/21/21

Links for you. Science:

People dumped their pets into lakes, officials say. Now football-size goldfish are taking over.
Biologists reeled in a 240-pound fish from the Detroit River that probably hatched a century ago
Should People With Immune Problems Get Third Vaccine Doses?
‘Wobbling’ moon will cause devastating worldwide flooding in 2030s, Nasa warns. Coastal cities under threat from ‘rapidly increasing high tide floods’ which could occur in clusters lasting a month or more, say scientists
Lizards Took ‘This Is Fine’ Way Too Literally


The Vaccines Just Work (must-read)
Gen. Milley’s terror of a Trump ‘coup’ should prompt Democrats to act — now
The Myth of Panic (excellent)
There Is No Silver Lining to South Africa’s Zuma Insurrection
Two Charged in Plot to Blow Up California Democratic Headquarters
The Truth Behind the Amazon Mystery Seeds
Employees Reveal the Frenetic Conditions of Working in Understaffed Restaurants
Facebook Users Said No to Tracking. Now Advertisers are Panicking
Health The “Pro-Life” Party’s Long Fight Against Vaccines
How the US Exported a Bloods and Crips Gang War to Belize
Boycott the Federalist Society. The group refuses to condemn insurrectionists in its ranks. It should not occupy a place of respect in the legal community.
The Deeply Racist Dimensions To Ashli Babbitt’s Martyrdom
In Texas, vigilantism replaces the rule of law
How Moderate Democrats Are Sabotaging Their Ideological Allies
Denominations have begun creating special prayers for fatal mass shootings
Tom Cotton Tried To Mock One Of Biden’s Judicial Nominees. It Backfired.
Fox News’s embarrassing blunder in the White House briefing room
Rapper Biz Markie, Known For ‘Just a Friend,’ Dies. The self-proclaimed “Clown Prince of Hip-Hop” died at 57.
Biz Markie was more than just a goofball. He showed us how joyous hip-hop could be.
The forgotten tale of the Confederate spies who invaded Vermont (racist seditionists often appear silly, unless they succeed)
NYT sports reporter suspended over conflict of interest with Michael Phelps

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