Links 7/15/21

Links for you. Science:

mRNA Vaccines Are Taking on the Flu Now (good, since egg-based vaccines might introduce mutations in the killed virus that lessen efficacy)
Can we stretch existing Covid vaccines to inoculate more people? Experts are divided
This Man Walked Every Block Of Takoma Park, Documenting 5,000 Trees Being Killed By Vines
tinselR—an R Shiny Application for Annotating Phylogenetic Trees
The climate crisis haunts Chicago’s future. A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake


FBI’s bizarre system of categorizing domestic terrorists continues to infect Biden’s strategy
We’re Fumbling the Return to Physical Offices
Farewell to Donald Rumsfeld, Dreary War Criminal
How Amazon Controls Virtually Everything You Watch
The question keeping Trump-loving men up at night: Why won’t women date us? When a critical mass of people find your values regressive, your political beliefs inhumane, and your political hero repellent, it’s not them. It’s you.
When evangelical snowflakes censor the Bible: The English Standard Version goes PC. How a Bible edition aimed at right-wing evangelicals has quietly scrubbed references to slavery and “the Jews”
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t stop making Covid-Nazi comparisons
America Needs to Break Up Its Biggest States
Holding the Tokyo Olympics amid the covid pandemic threat is about corporate revenue, not the athletes
Charlottesville’s Confederate statues are coming down. Here’s what’s next.
A working-class hero is something to be, but what the fuck does that have to do with Peter Thiel’s Fake-Appalachian Errand Boy J.D. Vance?
After the Florida building collapse, condos struggle to fund big repairs
The Ascension of Bernie Sanders
The unnecessary death march of the unvaccinated
Domestic violence shelters are in a state of emergency
Drugmakers’ Spending on Stock, Dividends and Executive Pay Exceeds Research, Democrats Say
‘Their childhood has been stolen’: calls for action to tackle long Covid
The culture of Daniel Snyder’s football organization won’t change unless he does
One Weird Trick to Force Billionaires to Pay Taxes. The ‘economic substance doctrine’ could be employed by the IRS to crack down on tax avoidance.
Biden’s wrong. He should help more kids get into 4-year, not 2-year colleges.

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