Links 7/4/21

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Phages carry interbacterial weapons encoded by biosynthetic gene clusters
These Brittle Stars Have Thousands of ‘Pig Snouts’ on Each Arm
Is one vaccine dose enough if you’ve had COVID? What the science says
COVID-19 Lockdowns Show a World Without Parachute Science
Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 among Blood Donors and Changes after Introduction of Public Health and Social Measures, London, UK


You Go to Hell With the Alibis You Have: Donald Rumsfeld died on Wednesday. He was 88 years old, an age thousands of Iraqis will never reach because of him.
NFL fines Washington Football Team $10 million; Tanya Snyder to run operations for now
As insurrectionists turn into snitches for federal prosecutors, circle tightens around conspirators
Russia Targets Fox News Fans in Bid to Become the World’s Anti-Woke Capital (don’t let the door hit you on the way out, assholes)
House’s Capitol riot committee can’t worry about Republican feelings
Statehood for D.C.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attacks me and Daily Kos. This is my (way too much fun) response
Trump Has Justified Breaking One of America’s Most Sacred Norms. The tradition of granting post-term immunity from prosecution to those who leave the White House now comes at too great a cost.
Calls grow for an investigation into FDA approval of Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug
Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald’s Shameless Marriage of Convenience
I Moved to Portland Because It Seemed Like a Safe Bet in the Face of Climate Change. I Was Naive
Illinois summer camp didn’t require masks indoors. Over 80 teens, staff got COVID-19
Free Elder Care
Kyrsten Sinema’s run out of excuses: Supreme Court leaves Senate Democrats with little choice (Manic Pixie Dream Senator is a narcissist)
Inside Neeva, the ad-free, privacy-first search engine from ex-Googlers
The GOP’s Dark Money Court Machine. The secretive conservative group that led Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation campaign received a $14 million donation just before the court fight.
MAGA Maoism
Australia’s vaccine ‘stroll-out’ shows the dangers of covid complacency
Biden, Democrats have no choice: Fight the Supreme Court or consign American democracy to history
All the right words on climate have already been said
Trump’s rage at Wisconsin Republicans should light a fire under Democrats

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