Links 6/28/21

Links for you. Science:

Wow, just wow. If you think Psychological Science was bad in the 2010-2015 era, you can’t imagine how bad it was back in 1999 (“This paper is notably bad because nothing about it is notable. It’s everyday bad science, performed by researchers at a top university, supported by national research grants, published in a top journal, cited 1069 times when I last checked—and with conclusions that are unsupported by the data.”)
cblaster: a remote search tool for rapid identification and visualisation of homologous gene clusters
When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid From a Clamp, That’s a Moray. Moray eels can hunt on land, and footage from a recent study highlights how they accomplish this feat with a sneaky second set of jaws.
Single bee is making an immortal clone army thanks to a genetic fluke


Joe Biden and the Age of Blaxhaustion
The problem with sales tax holidays
Mediocre Men Have Failed New York
A working mother’s manifesto: Pandemic provides a once-in-a-generation chance to course correct how we work
Susan Collins Sums Up Her Scorching Cynicism With a States’ Rights Defense of Voter Suppression
Taking DNA to the Street
Republicans Are Criminalizing The Democratic Process For People Of Color
‘I love them to underestimate me’: Sen. Peters takes on marquee policy and political tasks after years in an underdog role
New York’s Government Is Not Done Screwing Restaurants and Bars Just Yet
Fight over hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate ends with 153 workers out of a job (read to the end. The last paragraph….)
It Took Two Days to Make a Good CTC Website (wrote about this here)
Doctors and Nurses Are the Key to the Final Vaccine Push (“Vaccination sites should stop asking for insurance information.” Been saying that for several months)
It Turns Out the Right Just Believes In Power
Vaccinated Israelis may need to quarantine because of Delta variant
The Passion of the Slice
What Is The Value of “Intellectual Diversity”?
Why Did Congress Just Vote to Break Up Big Tech?
How Deceptive Campaign Fund-Raising Ensnares Older People. Older Americans, a critical source of political donations, often fall victim to aggressive and misleading digital practices. A broad Times analysis points to the scope of the problem.
Betting Against the Vote
The Intellectual Derp Web goes anti-vaxx (and anti-vaxx curious)

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