Links 6/22/21

Links for you. Science:

This giant prehistoric rhino was the biggest land mammal to walk the Earth
The Delta Variant Could Create “Two Americas” Of COVID, Experts Warn
Maine Residents Fend Off Poisonous Caterpillars
Pediatric cardiologists explain myocarditis and why your teen should still get a Covid-19 vaccine
Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of a COVID-19 Vaccine (NVX-CoV2373) Co-administered With Seasonal Influenza Vaccines


How many Democratic senators don’t want Democrats to be able to govern?
Un-Critical Race Theory. What if CRT’s conservative critics actually got what they want?
The Covid Housing Crisis Is Crushing the Service Industry
In a once-gritty D.C. market, these wholesalers’ world is slipping away
Local officials say Baker is failing to invest in state’s broken public health system
When anti-vaxxers want to come to your wedding
The ultrathin new iMac lost a lot more than size. A half-inch desktop computer shows how Apple’s obsession with thin design can work against us
Why The FDA’s Approval Of A New Alzheimer’s Drug Should Worry You. Aduhelm, a pricey treatment meant to stall mental decline, may be a case study in everything that’s wrong with how America manages prescription drugs.
Even Wall Street Shills Understand Why the Democrats Failed (would add that $15/hour minimum wage also was big, and has since disappeared, which will be catastrophic for Democrats in 2022)
Amazon is intentionally burning through warehouse workers, but it may not be sustainable forever
Calm Down, The Classics Aren’t Going Anywhere
This grifter comes as a grifter
Biden’s Climate Irresponsibility: It would be nice if having a Democratic president automatically meant real action on climate change. Sadly, it isn’t true.
How America quietly lost 2,700 ships
Instagram Is Still A Hotbed Of Anti-Vax Propaganda
Report Reveals Wild History Of Woman Leading Firms Pushing ‘Italygate’ Election Conspiracy Theory
Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in targeting critical race theory
Teen vaccinations surge in Washington region during first month of eligibility
How America’s Weirdest Guidebooks Were Funded by the Government
Toll from political push at UNC continues to mount
The Emperor speaks with his nobles

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