Links 6/20/21

Links for you. Science:

‘Potentially the worst drought in 1,200 years’: scientists on the scorching US heatwave
World’s smallest dinosaur is actually a ‘weird’ prehistoric lizard, scientists say
Should we track all breakthrough cases of COVID-19?
A Mysterious Crater’s Age May Add Clues to the Dinosaur Extinction
How the COVID pandemic is changing global science collaborations


How To End Up Serving The Right
The delta variant is a rising threat in the U.S. We have to redouble vaccination efforts.
288,000 Iraqis Would Be Happy to Hear This. If They Were Alive.
In secret recording, Florida Republican threatens to send Russian-Ukrainian ‘hit squad’ after rival
Democrats Should Leap at the Chance to Take Joe Manchin’s Deal
A high school marked unvaccinated students at prom with a Sharpie. Parents called it Nazi Germany, Republican says.
Inside Tom Cotton’s Insane World Of DNA Theft, Olympic Athletes, And Anti-China Conspiracies
Fox’s anti-“critical race theory” parents are also GOP activists (they do this a lot)
COVID-19: How Fake Tests, Fudged Data Helped Paint a Kinder Picture for Kumbh Mela
‘Lab Leak Theory’ Is About Giving Trump A Pass For 600,000+ COVID Deaths
Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, and MTG team for hugely dangerous claim that FBI was behind Jan. 6
Jon Stewart Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Is Caused by Science as He Pushes Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory (putz)
Vladimir Putin Is a King Bullshit Artist
American Fables: George Packer seeks refuge in political myth
Two weeks later, Tucker Carlson’s attack on Fauci has quietly collapsed
Mitch McConnell’s Message to Justice Stephen Breyer: Quit Now
From fare changes to boosted bus service, here’s what to expect from Metro this year
Most kids aren’t vaccinated. But schools can no longer mandate masking
This FDA Decision Has All the Hallmarks of a Truly Terrible Blunder. We have made great strides since my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1985, but this doesn’t much look like one.
Critical race theory battle invades school boards — with help from conservative groups
With Only 41% of U.S. Vaccinated, Biden Abandons Promised COVID Workplace Safety Regulations

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