Links 6/19/21

Links for you. Science:

An Analysis of Private Healthcare Claims: A Detailed Study of Patients with Long-Haul COVID
As coronavirus recedes, colds and common viruses are back — especially among children
Coronavirus vaccinations for young children should be an urgent priority
CureVac, latest experimental coronavirus vaccine, proved just 47 percent effective amid spread of variants, preliminary analysis shows
Why Did the Cave Art Vanish? Erased by This Furry Creature and Its Feces.


On spending a non-message
The Diary of a Reluctant Statehooder
Treat the rich! Rightwingers defend our insanely undertaxed plutocrats
The Specter of Critical Race Theory Is Rotting Republicans’ Brains
Why the GOP wants Stacey Abrams as the face of Joe Manchin’s election compromise
Texas’ 1836 Project is a big bag of BS, and we all know everything’s bigger in Texas
The hidden politics of New York City’s new ranked-choice voting system
What’s the ‘critical race theory’ uproar really about? The right-wing need to fabricate enemies
A GOP congressman’s snub of a wounded Jan. 6 cop signals deeper GOP pathologies
Jennifer Gosar says what many of us are thinking: Her brother, Paul Gosar, is responsible for Jan. 6
GOP Voters Believe Trump’s Lie That Arizona’s Sham Audit Could Overturn His Election Loss
The Corporate Shill Award Goes To…
The Framers Would Call the United States of Today Corrupt. And They’d Be Right
DeJoy Is the Trump Appointee Still Menacing Us
Trump’s army of God: Doug Mastriano and the Christian nationalist attack on democracy
Revealed: Even More Insurrectionists Have Histories Of Violence Against Women
Juneteenth and the Several Endings of Slavery in the U.S.
Oh No, President Joe. I Wish You Hadn’t Said This.
The Truth About Black Freedom
Tucker Carlson has full control over Fox and its stranglehold on the Republican Party
Tom Cotton Is a Few Reindeer Short of Santa’s Sleigh. The Arkansas senator has postulated a totally normal theory of Chinese government machinations around the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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