Links 6/17/21

Links for you. Science:

Does vaccinating adults stop kids from spreading COVID too?
Scientist Opens Up About His Early Email to Fauci on Virus Origins. In early 2020, Kristian Andersen wrote to Anthony Fauci about the possibility of an engineered coronavirus. His research has since dispelled those suspicions. (excellent, must-read)
Delta variant Covid symptoms ‘include headaches, sore throat and runny nose’: Researchers warn that UK’s most widely established variant may be mistaken for milder illness (“…with Delta, a cough appears to be the fifth most common symptom, and the loss of smell doesn’t make the top 10.”)


Not Over (agree 100%)
Why The New Yorker’s Stars Didn’t Join Its Union. The 96-year-old magazine, known for its revered writers and sophisticated audience, is being consumed by a labor dispute. (have to view its political reporting through this lens)
Woman dead, retired deputy injured in shooting near DeKalb mall (murdered over masks)
We Need to Bring Some Joy Back to Politics
This is the Republicans’ back-up plan in case they can’t suppress enough votes (even Fred Fucking Hiatt gets it)
Mitch McConnell Just Fired on Fort Sumter and Shot the Archduke
Far-right gang hoped to overturn Charlottesville convictions, but U.S. Supreme Court says no
Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Houston hospital system employees who refused coronavirus vaccine
The ‘two societies’: 97% of new COVID cases are among people who haven’t gotten the shots
Private Inequity: How a Powerful Industry Conquered the Tax System
The podcasting hype house from hell
Vince Promuto, a Washington Football Team Great, Competed With True Grit
Missouri Tourist Hotspot, Where Vaccination Rates Are Low, Seeing Outbreak Of COVID Variant (“What I realize is that you can’t overcome our demographics very easily,” he said. “We still discharge patients who say they believe we have lied to them and they didn’t have COVID.”)
Eric Adams and the Weapon of Identity. The Left doesn’t quite know what could hit them
Boeing Restarts Donations to Members of the So-Called ‘Sedition Caucus’
G.O.P. Bills Rattle Disabled Voters: ‘We Don’t Have a Voice Anymore’
Just Pay for Everyone’s Vaccine
SD federal judge wants to hold U.S. Marshals Service in contempt over COVID-19 vaccine spat
The Delusions of the Radical Centrist
A Society Designed to Incentivize Criminal Behavior at the Highest Level

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