Links 6/12/21

Links for you. Science:

Magic Tricks May Fool You, but These Birds Can See Through Them
FDA grants historic approval to Alzheimer’s drug designed to slow cognitive decline
A living bdelloid rotifer from 24,000-year-old Arctic permafrost
The WSJ is now feeding the news cycle another article claiming to have “damning” evidence that COVID was created in a lab. It’s a scientific claim, so one I can assess.
Dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 antibody response up to 10 months after infection


Voter Suppression Must Be the Central Issue (if Democrats actually want to keep Warnock’s GA Senate seat…)
Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage
The Minister of Chaos. Boris Johnson knows exactly what he’s doing.
A New Constitution for The United States (worth a long read)
What Politicians Took Away from the Amazon HQ2 Fiasco
Dre(a)dfully fake outrage
As ‘Ammon’s Army’ assembles at site of Oregon water dispute, local farmers grow concerned
Louie Gohmert Remains the Undisputed Emperor of the Crazy People: 216,726 humans—or 72 percent of the humans who voted in Texas’s First Congressional District—voted to re-elect this man last time around.
Claims that Lafayette Square was not cleared for Trump don’t hold up to even a cursory examination
Mitch McConnell Just Made Joe Manchin Look Like a Sucker. Again.
On transformative legislation Joe Manchin should step up
Mitch McConnell Made Full Use of the Senate’s Customary Hour of Mischief. Senate Republicans blocked debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act and were scarcely made to explain themselves.
Moderate Democrats are winning elections. Progressives are winning the war.
Rep. Gohmert’s question about the Forest Service changing Earth’s orbit was dumb, but not for the reason you think
The United Mine Workers of America Backs the For the People Act. Will Joe Manchin?
GOP stonewalling aside, Jan. 6 insurrection investigations continue to raise fresh evidence
Democrats hit major political wall in efforts to close gender pay gap, raise minimum wage
What the ‘Middle Finger’ building tells us about DC’s housing construction debate
The Latest Changes to DC’s Metro: Later Trains, Lower Fares
The Aducanumab Approval

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