Links 6/9/21

Links for you. Science:

Redheaded reptiles spreading across South Florida, raising concern
Billions of cicadas blanket the Washington region. The Smithsonian is looking for a perfect few hundred.
The lab-leak origin claim for COVID-19 is in the news, but it’s still fact-free
Where Your Watermelon Came From
Texas Breeder Deer May Have Spread Brain Disease Into The Wild


What the pandemic has stolen from Black America: Howard Croft was part of a generation who challenged segregation, then died of covid-19 decades later.
Belgium’s Van Ranst: Covid scientist targeted by a far-right sniper
The pandemic showed that Big Tech isn’t a public health savior
The South may see a Covid surge this summer as vaccination rates lag.
A six-point plan to stop the Republicans’ anti-democratic moves
Tearing Down Highways Won’t Fix American Cities: Tearing down urban highways has entered the mainstream, leaving longtime advocates to start focusing on what comes next. (bad headline, good column)
The Opposition Opposes
If you want to know how toxic Joe Manchin is, look no further than Trump’s new take on him
Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump and why obstruction of justice matters
The partisan divide in vaccinations is starker than you realize
Is America heading to a place where it can no longer call itself a democracy?
The completely true and absolutely bonkers story of Cole’s Book Arcade
Mass Murder in the Late Neolithic
Looking before you leap. On COVID-19, cholera, and other sh*tstorms
Big law firms are donating pro bono hours to block unions at legal nonprofits where their partners are board members
Many More Americans Would Be Vaccinated if Our Health Care System Wasn’t So Terrifying. People don’t trust an industry known for bureaucratic traps and surprise billing to save them from the pandemic.
What Rebekah Jones saw behind the scenes at the Florida Department of Health
New audio of 2019 phone call reveals how Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate baseless Biden conspiracies
Bigger than QAnon: Democrats can’t ignore the GOP’s holy war
Mark Meadows Should Be Hauled in Front of Congress to Testify on National Television
Masks could have stopped the pandemic—if Trump hadn’t made them a partisan litmus test (slowed it, anyway)

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