Links 6/8/21

Links for you. Science:

Biden administration moves to bring back endangered species protections undone under Trump
New (And Very Cute) ‘Chocolate Frog’ Species Identified By Scientists. The little frog, Litoria mira, was found in a rainforest swamp in New Guinea.
CDC director urges parents to vaccinate teens, pointing to increase in severe cases
A Very Calm Guide to the Lab Leak Theory
We may never know where the virus came from. But evidence still suggests nature.


The Enemy Within: Race and White Supremacy in American Policing
Days before Rep. Mike Nearman helped protesters breach Capitol, he coached constituents just how he’d help them do it
Can honors and regular students learn math together? A new approach argues yes.
Judge Strikes Down California’s Assault Weapon Ban As Part Of Gun Rights Crusade That Will Facilitate Mass Killings
Tito Ortiz’s Huntington Beach MAGA kickback comes to an end
Long, Strange TRIPS: The Grubby History of How Vaccines Became Intellectual Property
Apple’s tightly controlled App Store is teeming with scams
Israel says 1967 land conquests weren’t planned. Declassified documents tell a more complicated story.
College Admissions Shouldn’t Be Trusted to Humans
‘This Should Be the Biggest Scandal in Sports’
Another Boston police scandal is quietly unfolding. It may surpass the high-profile State Police overtime fraud debacle
Free Little Art Galleries are popping up everywhere, spreading their bite-size charm nationwide
Over 30 Million Americans Believe in QAnon’s Most Outrageous Conspiracy. The single best predictor of whether someone believes in QAnon is which TV news station they watch.
Why We Fight: An Interview With Shane Burley
The Women Who Preserved the Story of the Tulsa Race Massacre
The GOP Can Win Without Waging War on Democracy
A Fart Joke Is Not a Pogrom
The FBI is investigating Louis DeJoy. So maybe it’s time for him to go.
COVID turned public health experts into celebrities. Not all of them are comfortable with the change
Experts Call It A ‘Clown Show’ But Arizona ‘Audit’ Is A Disinformation Blueprint

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