The Current Democratic Party Is Unable to Meet the Demands of the Joe Crow Era

To follow up on yesterday’s post about Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to tank Senate bill S1, making it highly unlikely Democrats will hold either the House or the Senate in 2022, there is one way to still win elections. That is to massively increase voter turnout through organizing.

The problem is that the consultants picked by the Democratic Party leadership–and which are forced on Democratic candidates–have no incentive to do this. They don’t want to give ‘their money’ to a bunch of local and state organizers, who are typically unaffiliated with specific candidates or even the Democratic Party. That’s not the business model–the business model is running TV ads (sometimes online ads too) and getting a cut of the expenditure. Meanwhile the people on the ground who bang on doors are shortchanged.

If Democrats–and Democratic donors, both of the wealthy and of the $27 dollar variety, shifted money to constant, year-round get out the vote activities, Democrats might have a chance. But there’s no chance that will happen with the current crop of consultants or leadership (who also helped dig this hole anyway).

Again, I hope I’m wrong, but someone tell me how Democrats hold the Senate in 2022 (Warnock’s seat in particular).

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