Links 5/23/21

Links for you. Science:

As concerns about deep-sea mining mount, corporate spin doctors get busy
The mysterious microbes that gave rise to complex life
Two vaccine doses needed for strong protection against variant found in India, data show
David Wake, Expert on Salamanders and Evolution, Dies at 84
So You Want To Work In Epidemiology? A brief guide to getting into the field


Did ‘Cancel Culture’ Drive Richard Wright Underground?
Once in Thrall of ‘the Generals,’ Congress Now Gives the Orders on Military Issues (I’ll believe this when the budget is cut)
Amid All the GOP’s Profiles in Political Cowardice, None Is More Stark Than That of Mike Gallagher
How the filibuster goes down
Now Politico’s just making stuff up
Illinois’ Supreme Court elections could lead to a decade of GOP minority rule unless Democrats act
Still Going
The Texas Mask Mystery. When the governor lifted the state’s mandate, liberals predicted disaster. But it never came. Why?
The War That Israel Lost
Workers struggle with COVID-19 mask guidance
Narrative Napalm: Malcolm Gladwell’s apologia for American butchery
The pandemic was especially hard on live jazz. But D.C.’s scene is slowly restarting.
Vermont Will Drop Restrictions Early If 80% Vaccinated
The Weight: Ford’s new F-150 could be a milestone for electric vehicles. There’s just one problem.
GOP Senators Dig In Against January 6 Commission. Many say they still haven’t read the legislation. But they have problems with it.
Chile’s Lucrative War Against Indigenous People
In state’s least immunized county, vaccine holdouts remain as wariness persists
Masks are off — which means men will start telling women to ‘Smile!’ again
Everything is reopening. But let’s not bring back the handshake, OK?
Manchin’s Voting Rights Plan Would Do Nothing About The Wave Now Of Voter Suppression Bills
Chinese American Group Sues Trump For Slurs It Says Triggered ‘Racial Violence’

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