V Is for Victory, V Is for Vaccination

Today is the day I’m officially fully vaccinated. I WILL NOW RUN OUTSIDE AND LICK ALL THE SIGNPOSTS. I usually don’t write about my personal stuff because it’s just not that interesting. But it is a tremendous relief to not worry about getting sick from COVID-19 (admittedly, I was probably protected a few days ago, but I figured I might as well finish it strong and not spike the ball on the 1-yard line). Personally, I’ll still wear a mask indoors when around people whose vaccination status is unclear–the prevalence of COVID-19 is still too high and the level of vaccination is too low*.

But it really feels liberating to not have to worry about getting ‘long COVID’ (I wasn’t really worried about dying) or transmitting the disease to other vaccinated people (it could happen, but I figure it’s a relatively rare event that, even if it does happen, will have minimal consequences). I’m still pissed off about all of the needless deaths and the disproportionate casualties.

But, for the life of me, I can’t understand why someone, barring a medical reason, wouldn’t get vaccinated, if they are able to do so (and, yes, I realize ‘able’ is doing a lot of work here).

V is for victory, V is for vaccination.

*I’m still amazed that, by my calculations, only 62% of adults in Ward 2 have even begun vaccination (might be a smidgen higher by now). This really can’t be chalked up to deprivation or structural issues in Ward 2. And, in Ward 2 at least, you can get whatever vaccine you want whenever you want within a 25 minute walk more or less (often much less), especially if you’re willing to plan 24-48 hours ahead. It really shouldn’t be like this in Ward 2.

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