Links 5/13/21

Links for you. Science:

Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE): Pfizer-BioNTechCOVID-19 Vaccine
How COVID broke the evidence pipeline
Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Fraud allegations create a sea of doubt
The world’s strongest athletes aren’t shredded and for good reason
A Black Scientist Was An Early Cicada Researcher. His Work Has Been Mostly Overlooked


My Pandemic Year Behind the Checkout Counter
Anti-Maskers Ready to Start Masking—to Protect Themselves From the Vaccinated (my hunch is this is something they’ll ‘believe’ but not enough to act on)
4 Women Say Matt Gaetz’s Wingman Pressured Them to Have Sex
Rethinking Work
Tucker Carlson Gets Worse
The Real Reason Behind the Misinformation Epidemic in Online Moms’ Groups: It started long before COVID.
‘A toxic cocktail:’ Panel delivers harsh verdict on the world’s failure to prepare for pandemic
D.C.’s Plan to Vaccinate Children 12 and Older
What exactly are we trying to preserve Eckington’s industrial land for anyway?
Homeless Reflect on Life in a New York City Hotel Room, One Year Later
Got the vaccine? Experts say you can relax about your Covid-19 risk now. Really. I asked health experts about their post-vaccination lives. Most no longer worry about their own risk of Covid-19.
Power Outages Are Increasing. Can Medical Equipment Users Adapt?
Manchin plants himself firmly in McConnell’s back pocket, rejects saving democracy
Michigan GOP lawmaker floats bill to register, fine ‘fact checkers’ (cancel culture tho)
New book portrays a Secret Service riven by scandal and growing pains
Olympia Dukakis, theater veteran and Oscar-winning ‘Moonstruck’ actress, dies at 89
Congress Eager to Increase Staff Pay But Fear Voter Backlash
‘Rich, White, Reactionary’: A J.D. Vance Candidacy is a Con for Appalachia
Andrew Yang Promised to Create 100,000 Jobs. He Ended Up With 150.
Rep. Greene aggressively confronts Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, causing New York congresswoman to raise security concerns

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