Links 5/9/21

Links for you. Science:

Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Dies
This New Covid Vaccine Could Bring Hope to the Unvaccinated World
The sun may offer key to predicting El Niño, groundbreaking study finds (mebbe)


COVID-19 risks reemerge at nursing homes as workers decline vaccine and new residents struggle to get shots
Andrew McCarthy ran from the Brat Pack. Now, he’s ready to relive the ’80s.
Amid restaurant closures, opportunity on the horizon: The choices Boston makes now could affect the character of its dining scene for years to come (can’t believe Kashimir closed)
Justice Breyer should learn from Justice Ginsburg’s mistake — and retire now
COVID-positive CA man regrets vaccine hesitancy
In a small New Hampshire town near the Mass. border, the 2020 election still rages (Lewandowski is still an asshole!)
Virginia Republicans Are Disenfranchising Their Own Voters
Washingtonian staffers orchestrate work stoppage over CEO’s ‘public threat to our livelihoods’ (note that said CEO always wanted people back in the office during the pandemic. Once an asshole, always an asshole)
I’m fully vaccinated. I’m still wearing a mask outdoors. Vaccinated people wearing masks outdoors are acting out of caution. Stop equating us with anti-maskers.
Secretary Blinken Faces a Big Test in Ukraine, Where Nazis and Their Sympathizers Are Glorified (long-standing issue)
Liz Cheney Is Not Your Friend
Holabird & Root, Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Station (1944) Burlington, Iowa
Faye Schulman, partisan photographer who captured Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, dies at 101

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