Links 5/8/21

Links for you. Science:

The Latest Monarch Butterfly Breeding Pattern Shows That Their Population May Be on the Rise
Mass-Vaccination Sites — An Essential Innovation to Curb the Covid-19 Pandemic
SARS-CoV-2 infection of the oral cavity and saliva
Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus. They can identify a case within seconds.
Aminoglycoside antibiotics inhibit phage infection by blocking an early step of the phage infection cycle


Forced to Choose Between Trump’s “Big Lie” and Liz Cheney, the House G.O.P. Chooses the Lie
Everybody’s a Sinner, Except for the Guys Who Write the Checks
Melinda Gates Warned Bill About Jeffrey Epstein
Who’s Leaving California—and Who’s Moving In?
The Solution Is Not Always Stomping On Workers
Jen Psaki shows the way the White House should respond to ‘many people are saying’ questions (the fanboi stuff is over the top, but I really do get tired of bullshit attribution)
Lindsey Graham’s shocking admission about Trump blows up a big GOP argument
Ed-tech apps spy on kids
Trump’s mental health chief lands civil service post at DEA: Elinore McCance-Katz spoke out against coronavirus response, saying risks had been exaggerated.
Inequality’s deadly toll
Morehouse leaves debate tournament following anti-Black mockery
Should Biden Emphasize Race or Class or Both or None of the Above?
Only 8 Black Students Are Admitted to Stuyvesant High School
Iggy Pop playing a song for his bird
How Michael Bloomberg’s Former Campaign Manager Became Andrew Yang’s Favorite Fixer
HOW A UNIVERSITY OF IOWA REPLY-ALL EMAIL BECAME GROUND ZERO FOR THE CANCEL CULTURE WARS (college culture wars are always misrepresented. Always, going back to the 1980s)
Former Presiding FISA Judge John Bates’ Curious Treatment of White Person Terrorism

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