Links 4/29/21

Links for you. Science:

Thomas Brock, Whose Discovery Paved the Way for PCR Tests, Dies at 94
A New Bird Flu Jumps to Humans. So Far, It’s Not a Problem.
COVID vaccines and kids: five questions as trials begin
Naming the fungal universe: Explaining the rationale behind the dynamics of scientific nomenclature and how to tackle the challenge to catalog millions of undiscovered fungi
Tyrannosaurs likely hunted in packs rather than heading out solo, scientists find


Someone has to run the fabs. Egalitarianism is important but we neglect STEM education at our peril
D.C. Bars And Music Venues Consider Requiring Vaccination So They Can Reopen
No Child is Irredeemable: The Hypocrisy of Our Conservative Supreme Court
Wonking Ourselves To Death
Open Season on Everybody Is About to Begin
Alaska State Senator Now Has 20-Hour Commute After Refusing to Mask Up on Planes (womp womp)
You’d Have to Be a Supreme Court Justice to Think Americans Need to Be More Heavily Armed
The Republican Party Has a Deep Crazy Problem: The growing reference to “Trumpism” in the elite political press is an acknowledgement of the fact that the past four years have embedded a dangerous strain of permanent insanity in our politics.
The Supreme Court will hear a major Second Amendment case that could gut US gun laws
Why Some Black Democrats Haven’t Embraced a Voting Rights Push. In the South, Black Democrats describe a party too slow in combating Republican voting
Should D.C. Police Stop Enforcing Traffic Laws? One Proposal Would Give The Job To DDOT
Here Are Proposed Locations For New Public Bathrooms In D.C. (there’s already a porta-potty at Dupont Circle, so might as well make it nice)
Andrew Yang Isn’t Doing U.B.I. Right
Vaccinations are plateauing. Don’t blame it on ‘resistance’
The party of Charlottesville: Trump’s praise of white nationalists is now the GOP mainstream
Biden To Sign $15 Minimum Wage Executive Order For Federal Contractors
It Certainly Looks Like Joe Biden Is Serious About Cracking Down on Rich Tax Evaders
Tucker Carlson has crossed the line into reckless endangerment
Message from the Department of Defense: ‘You Jews Killed Jesus. Now, Say You’re Sorry.’
The Entire Conservative Project Is Organized Around Never Accepting an Election Loss

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