Links 4/27/21

Links for you. Science:

The Secret Mission To Unearth Part Of A 142-Year-Old Experiment
I’m an epidemiologist. Here’s what I got wrong about covid. (I think everyone who is getting sanctimonious about masks should read this–early on, I think the evidence for masking was weak, contradictory, and unlike many other viruses)
Patients With Long Covid Face Lingering Worrisome Health Risks, Study Finds. Patients who were not sick enough to be hospitalized still had a significantly greater risk of dying within six months than people who were not infected.
American Honey Still Contains Nuclear Fallout From the 1950s
Don’t blame bleeding after menopause on the COVID-19 vaccine.


The wholly undeserved rehabilitation of George W. Bush
The Right to Crash Cars Into People: How Republicans across the country came to endorse a terrorist tactic against protesters
Why you shouldn’t skip your second dose of the coronavirus vaccine (“Most of the covid cases we’ve seen in vaccinated people that have landed in the hospital have been people who haven’t yet gotten the second dose. I think that’s telling us something.”)
The problem with worldwide COVID vaccine access is not the patents: the vaccines have all been sequenced, the exact contents are on freaking GitHub and have been forever. I know Moderna has waived their patent for sure; I think several others have too. The issue is manufacturing. (unclear to what extent there are patents on parts of the manufacturing process, but it isn’t as simple as ‘release the Kraken patents’)
Alden B. Dow, Miss Mary Dow Residence (1936) Saginaw, MI
The Enemy Within: State and local Republican parties have been taken over by white supremacists, conspiracy mongers, and insurrectionists.
The Republican Party has been eaten by fascists from the feet up
Common Ownership Is Actually Good
Ultra-Rich To Prosperous Americans: We’ll Speak For You
Investigation suppressed by Trump administration reveals obstacles to hurricane aid for Puerto Rico
There Are Massive Chemical Dumps In The Gulf We Know Almost Nothing About: In the 1970s, the EPA allowed chemical companies to dump toxic waste into the deep sea. Now, oil giants are drilling right on top of it.
Jake Paul Promised Them Fame. Was It Worth the Price?
19 employees contract COVID-19 after outbreak at Public Health Ontario’s Toronto laboratory (two percent of the workforce; still, oof…)
The erosion of personal ownership: Everything from your fridge to your tractor can change without your permission.
The TSA’s mask mandate expires soon. Airline industry leaders and politicians are calling for an extension.
Elite Impunity
When Can Biden (and the Rest of Us) Take Off Our Masks?
The ban on Olympic protests only empowers the protesters
Influencers, Developers, Crypto Currency Tycoons: How Puerto Ricans Are Fighting Back Against the Outsiders Using the Island as a Tax Haven
Joe Biden’s hundred days at the kitchen table
“We Are Hoarding”: Why the U.S. Still Can’t Donate COVID-19 Vaccines to Countries in Need

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