Links 4/25/21

Links for you. Science:

The Flu Vanished During Covid. What Will Its Return Look Like?
DNA of Giant ‘Corpse Flower’ Parasite Surprises Biologists
We Are Turning COVID-19 Into a Young Person’s Disease
What Should Museums Do With the Bones of the Enslaved?
The obscure maths theorem that governs the reliability of Covid testing (wrote about this over a year ago…)


Biden’s next big plan could blow up one of the GOP’s worst lies
What’s the Secret of Biden’s Success? The president’s party is finally comfortable in its own skin
“Bagel Dogs for the Chosen People” Offered to Jewish Soldiers to Attend Military Boss’s Bible Study
An Important Update from the DC Statehood Movement.
New Hampshire’s Democratic Senators Are Quietly Resisting a Minimum Wage Hike (if you live in New Hampshire, you know what to do)
After a Black man’s death, a D.C. street agonizes over the future of policing
Vaccine Machine Slows Down
Biden, the World Needs Your Help to End the Pandemic
Vietnam defied the experts and sealed its border to keep Covid-19 out. It worked.
AOC’s plan for a 1.5 million-strong Civilian Climate Corps, explained
Republicans Aren’t Done Messing With Elections
Why the body count hasn’t slowed down America’s gun industry (“You can sue a gun manufacturer civilly if the gun malfunctions. But, in nearly every circumstance, you can’t sue if the gun functions properly and kills people.”)
House passes bill that would grant DC statehood
The Crisis in Home Care. The way we look after the elderly in this country is broken. But is funneling money into home care enough to solve the problem?
‘There’s a Very Human Cost to Convenience’
Money Alone Can’t Fix Central America – or Stop Migration to US
Contractor that ruined 15M doses of J&J vaccine hiked price of another by 800%
Justice Sotomayor Impaled Justice Kavanaugh on His Own Previous Rulings
The road from Rome: The fall of the Roman Empire wasn’t a tragedy for civilisation. It was a lucky break for humanity as a whole
The hidden scam behind Tucker Carlson and the right’s ‘replacement’ game

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